APU Student Handbook
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Last Revision: January 30, 2024

First Course Recommendations

APUS has no formal placement tests for any subject, but the University does recommend registering for certain courses early in your academic career to set yourself up for success.

Effective July 2019

English Course Recommendations

  • Students who are unsure of their proficiency in basic grammar and sentence structure, or who have never taken a college-level writing course should register for English 100.
  • Students who have taken a college-level writing course, and are confident in their ability to create clean, error-free prose should register for English 110 (Making Writing Relevant).
  • Students should take their first writing course as early as possible to increase chances of success in subsequent General Education and Program courses.

Math Course Recommendations

  • Students who have never taken Pre-Algebra should register for Math 100.
  • Students who have taken Pre-Algebra, but not a college-level Algebra course, should enroll in Math 101 (Introduction to College Algebra), Math 110 (College Algebra), or Math 125 (Math for Liberal Arts Majors).
  • Students who are confident in their college-level Algebra abilities should enroll in Math 111 (Trigonometry).

If you have any questions regarding your course planning, please contact your admissions representative at [email protected]. Your admissions representative will also be happy to assist with course registration, recommend course progression, and discuss course load.