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Last Revision: January 30, 2024

Applying for Graduation

When to Submit

Students are encouraged to apply for graduation when they are 90% complete in their undergraduate program or 85% complete in their Master's level program. (Please see the Application Deadlines section, below, for specific deadline information. The link for the Graduation Application is located within the ecampus under the Forms Menu. The link will direct students through the application process, as well as payment of the application fee.

Applicant Information

  • Name on Diploma - Your name on your diploma or certificate must match the legal last name APUS has on file. You may spell out your middle name, as well as add generational suffixes (Sr, Jr, etc.). No prefixes, ranks, or titles will be placed on the diploma.
    • In order to allow a different legal name on their diploma, you must contact the Record Updates Department at [email protected] for assistance with updating your name on file. Once updated, you may then proceed with applying for graduation, or contact the Graduations Office ([email protected]) to update your name if an application has already been submitted. All changes must be made before your conferral or certificate award date.

Application Deadlines for Degree Conferral

Your Graduation Application must be requested at least 60 days prior to your projected conferral date. Please select a projected conferral date that is at least 9 calendar days after your last course end date. The instructor 8 day grading period should be considered when selecting a projected conferral date. An instructor has 8 days to post your final grade after your course ends. Instructors are not able to post a final grade for your courses prior to the course end date.

Application Deadlines for Certificates

If you are in a stand-alone certificate program, you should submit your Certificate Completion Application as soon as your final grades are posted and all of the courses required for your certificate completion have been fulfilled. Applications for certificate programs must be received no later than the fifteenth of the month for awarding on the first of the following month.


  • For award on June 1, application due no later than May 15.
  • For award on August 1, application due no later than July 15.

If you do not submit your application until after the 15th, your certificate award date will be moved to be a month after the first of the next month.

Please submit a “Certificate Completion Application Form”:

  • Log into your student record and refer to top navigation bar.
  • Select ACADEMIC PLAN and FORMS at the top navigation bar.
  • Under UNIVERSITY FORMS tab, select All Forms 
  • Select “Certificate Completion Application Form”
  • Complete all required information.
  • Submit the form.

 Questions regarding the graduation application deadlines may be directed to [email protected].