APU Student Handbook
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Last Revision: January 30, 2024

Jurisdiction of the University

The Student Code of Conduct shall apply to conduct that occurs on any University premises, or at any University-sponsored activities, whether in-person or online, including courses, personal and group communications, clubs and organizations, and University social media. Conduct includes any behavior that affects the University and/or the pursuit of its objectives. Jurisdiction under this policy applies to students who are registered or enrolled for credit or non-credit bearing coursework, whether full or part-time status, students who are participating in APUS sponsored programs or activities, and those who are maintaining an ongoing relationship with APUS. An ongoing relationship includes students who are on an approved program hold but who are not registered or taking classes at the time of the complaint being filed. The Student Code of Conduct applies to a student’s conduct even if the student withdraws from school while a disciplinary matter is pending.