School of Security and Global Studies Offers Expertise with Perspective

The degree programs offered in American Public University's School of Security and Global Studies aims to help provide students with the expert knowledge of that field, while also providing education about broader, global perspectives.

Globalization has implications for many professions. For instance, criminal justice professionals should know local, state, and federal laws. Additionally, they may benefit from having a working knowledge of international laws, regulations, and global processes.

Human trafficking, illegal weapons trafficking, and drug smuggling often have an international component, crossing borders and jurisdictions. Identifying and stopping these illegal activities often requires international law enforcement cooperation, which is why it may be beneficial for law enforcement officers to understand the global context of criminal activity and potential human rights violations.


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 What Is Global Studies and Why Is It Important?

Global studies examines interconnections across the world by taking a holistic approach to understanding the rapidly changing global landscape and contemporary global issues. This area of study looks at society, culture, economics, politics, and international affairs from varying perspectives.

The global studies program offerings at the University aim to enhance a student's ability to critically analyze complex issues in our ever-connected world. The University has an emphasis on the global perspective, incorporating world history, the outcomes of globalization, international development, and the effects of cultures and economies on societies. The aim of understanding global issues is to provide students with context about the challenges that exist in the contemporary world across regions, states, and countries.

This global focus may expand a student's understanding of the history and implications of globalization and its potential economic consequences. Academic programs in this area will offer students a better understanding of the implications of global issues to their own domestic circumstances. 


What Degrees Are Offered in the School of Security and Global Studies?

APU's School of Security and Global Studies offers a broad range of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs taught by experienced faculty. These programs offer in-depth knowledge about specific fields and promote an understanding how that field relates to the wider, global perspective. The degree programs available within the School of Security and Global Studies cover a wide variety of fields. 

Criminal Justice

The safety and security of communities relies on criminal justice professionals who can effectively communicate and solve problems. In our criminal justice programs, students will also learn how to apply critical thinking skills in their quest to protect citizens and curb criminal activity.

Emergency and Disaster Management

Whether responding to hurricanes, terrorist attacks, or hazmat spills, officials need the tools, information, and processes to establish command and control practices. Students of emergency and disaster management will learn how to coordinate communication, evacuate citizens, and execute clean-up operations to protect human and wildlife populations and natural resources.

Homeland Security

From our expert faculty, students will gain a comprehensive knowledge of critical infrastructure protection, intelligence, risk management, legal and ethical issues, border security, and homeland defense. These degrees explore interagency and intergovernmental relations, homeland security leadership, and U.S. homeland security strategy.

Intelligence Studies

The safety of nations, communities, and corporate enterprises relies on robust intelligence processes to collect, analyze, and respond to internal and external threats. American Public University's online intelligence degrees connects analysis and knowledge between the intelligence and security fields, introducing students for the rigors of the U.S. intelligence community, as well as the security and corporate sectors.

International Relations and Global Security

In these international studies programs, students will learn how to analyze the nature of modern global relationships by exploring foreign policy analysis and international organizations. They will also gain a deeper knowledge of global development, international business, and international relations theory.

Legal Studies

With the University’s legal studies degrees, students will gain an in-depth knowledge of the U.S. court system, legal writing, and legal practice. These legal studies programs will also provide knowledge of local, state, and federal laws and procedures.

National Security Studies

This online master's degree examines the complex problems found in today’s uncertain security environment. This global security program provides students with an executive-level education in diplomacy and national and international security policies, including aspects of intelligence analysis, cybersecurity, and international terrorism studies.

Political Science

These programs aim to prepare students to be global citizens by examining government, economics, and civil society's relation to contemporary political systems. These programs also highlight contemporary political institutions, defense and security policy, foreign policy, international law, political philosophy, and regional and transnational organizations.

Security Management

People, property, and information all need protection in today’s world, and ensuring their safety requires unique knowledge and expertise. In these degree programs, students will learn to identify organizational security risks, determine cost-effective mitigation strategies, and prepare for recovery procedures. Other topics covered in these programs include global terrorism concerns, legal and ethical issues, and physical security.


Security and Global Studies Career Resources

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Frequently Asked Questions About Security and Global Studies

The programs taught in the School of Security & Global Studies truly embody our motto, "Educating Those Who Serve.” Students in this school have an understanding of the world and appreciate the differences in political, economic, and social cultures.

Our faculty members are highly credentialed and respected leaders in their fields, and many of them currently work in the U.S. government. Likewise, our graduates are employed in leadership positions at agencies ranging from the Departments of State, Defense, and Homeland Security to intelligence services and private businesses around the world.

In the School of Security and Global Studies, faculty are committed to helping students think in different ways and apply educational theories to real-world challenges.

American Public University is committed to breaking educational barriers by providing high-quality, affordable education through 200+ degree and certificate programs. Our online* courses start monthly so that students can choose the start date that best fits their busy lives. 

Taking online courses allows students to complete their weekly assignments on their own time, anywhere in the world. Many of our students are working professionals who may contribute unique, first-hand experience from working in their respective fields. Coupled with highly regarded faculty, course discussions and forums often feature engaging and dynamic interactions among students and faculty, offering a broader perspective on course material. 

*Some programs require in-person activity, including doctoral residencies, internships, practicums, proctored comprehensive exams, or class projects with in-person assignments. View your program of interest for specific requirements.