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Tuition Rates

$350 Per Undergraduate Credit Standard Rate

$250/credit hour with Preferred Military Rate1

$315/credit hour with Veteran Grant2

$425 Per Master's-Level Credit Standard Rate

$250/credit hour with Preferred Military Rate1

$382.50/ credit hour with Veteran Grant2

$0 Ebooks

We provide no-cost ebooks for all undergraduate, doctoral, and Preferred Military Rate-eligible master’s-level courses .

  • Doctoral: View programs for pricing details
  • Audit per credit hour: $100
  • Undergraduate ebooks: $0
  • Master's-level ebooks: $0 for all U.S. active-duty servicemembers, National Guard members, Reservists, and military families, including parents, spouses, legal partners, siblings, and dependents.


1All U.S. active-duty servicemembers, National Guard members, Reservists, and military families, (parents, spouses, legal partners, siblings, and dependents) are eligible for the Preferred Military Rate of $250/credit for undergraduate and master’s-level courses. The Preferred Military Rate, which is applied automatically, supersedes all other university grants and special rates, and cannot be combined with any other special promotions.

2All veterans and family members (parents, spouses, legal partners, siblings, and dependents) are eligible to receive a 10% Veteran Grant on standard undergraduate and master’s-level tuition. Tuition grants cannot be combined with any other special rates, promotions, or grants and only one can be applied per course.



$0 Admission Fees
For Undergraduate & Master's-level Programs
Apply Any Time 
$0 Transfer Credit Evaluation
Our staff will review your transfer documentation at no cost.
  • Admission: $0
  • Doctoral Application: $100
  • Technology Fee (per undergraduate course): $0
  • Technology Fee (per master's-level course): $85
  • Late registration: $50
  • Certificate completion: $25
  • Graduate comprehensive exam: $250
  • Graduation (Non-Doctoral): $150
  • Graduation (Doctoral): $100
  • Transcripts (per copy):
    • Official electronic: $10
    • Official paper: $20
    • Unofficial electronic: $5
Contact Us
Questions should be directed to [email protected] or 877-755-2787.

Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance (COA) is established for use in determining Federal Student Aid eligibility. COA is the estimate of a student’s educational expenses for one academic year (two terms), based on enrollment status, program of study, and housing status. Students are not allowed to receive aid that exceeds their cost of attendance. It is important to budget wisely and make responsible borrowing decisions.

For more information, please refer to APUS’ detailed Cost of Attendance at: https://www.apu.apus.edu/tuition-and-financing/policies/cost-of-attendance/.

Refunds & Withdrawals

If you withdraw from or drop a course, your account may be credited based on the guidelines listed below.

8-Week Course Withdrawal Refund Schedule

  • Before or during week 1: 100% refund
  • During week 2: 75%
  • During weeks 3 and 4: 50%
  • During weeks 5 through 8: No refund

16-Week Course Withdrawal Refund Schedule

  • Before or during week 1 or 2: 100% refund
  • During weeks 3 and 4: 75%
  • During week 5 through 8: 50%
  • During weeks 9 through 16: No refund

Course withdrawals could impact your eligibility for some financial aid, so it is important to look into that prior to making a decision.

Military Tuition Assistance (TA) Refund Policy

This refund schedule is ONLY applicable to eligible U.S. servicemembers who have paid all or a portion of their course tuition using Military Tuition Assistance (TA).

The Department of Defense requires the university to return any unearned Military Tuition Assistance (TA) funds to the Department should a servicemember withdraw from a course that was paid using TA. If a servicemember withdraws from any course on or before the 60% completion date (during week 5 for an 8-week course and during week 9/10 for a 16-week course), a prorated refund will be issued back to the Department for the TA funds that were provided. The schedules below determine the prorated amount of TA funds refunded to the Department based on the date of the servicemember's withdrawal from a course. For example, if a servicemember withdraws from a course at the 60% mark (during week 5 for an 8-week course and during week 9/10 for a 16-week course), 40% of TA funds used for the course will be returned to the Department. In instances when a servicemember stops attending due to a documented military service obligation, the University will work with the affected servicemember to identify solutions that may not result in a student debt to the University for the portion of TA funds returned to the Department.

Week-1 Course Drop

Course drops before or during the first week of the course receive a 100% refund of tuition, including any technology fees charged per course.

Week 1 refunds will NOT include any late registration fees. Note: Week 1 ends at 11:59:59 p.m. ET on the first Sunday of the first week of the course.

Tuition Refund Schedule when using Military TA

Your potential refund amount is based on the length of course in which you are enrolled and when you submit your withdrawal request, as follows:

2-Week Course

Withdrawal submitted:

  • before or during week 1 = 100% refund
  • during week 2 = no refund

8-Week Course

Withdrawal submitted:

  • before or during week 1 = 100% refund
  • during week 2 = 75% refund
  • during weeks 3–4 = 50% refund
  • during week 5 = 40% refund
  • during weeks 6–8 = no refund

16-Week Course

Withdrawal submitted:

  • before or during weeks 1–2 = 100% refund
  • during weeks 3–4 = 75% refund
  • during weeks 5–8 = 50% refund
  • during weeks 9–10 = 40% refund
  • during weeks 11–16 = no refund

Ways to Pay

As an accredited university, we are able to accept many forms of financing from public and private sources, including:

Get Started Soon
If you plan to use any form of financial assistance, it's important to start the process early. After you apply for enrollment or financial aid, please check your email frequently and respond promptly to our requests for items such as tax information or transcripts.

Ways to Save

In addition to our affordable tuition rates, here are ways to save when paying for school.

Transfer Credits

You can take full advantage of our transfer credit options, including credit for your previous college courses and military service.* Don’t leave your hard-earned credits behind.

Transfer Credit Options

Prior Learning Assessment

Earning credit for real-world experiences* can help you accelerate degree completion and save on total cost of tuition. Learn more about our prior learning assessment (PLA) program.

Prior Learning Assessment

*The University reserves the right to accept or deny credits according to the policies outlined on these transfer credit webpages. Actual time to completion will be based upon transfer credit evaluation and eligibility.

Be a Smart Consumer

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website provides information about how to pay for college including tools to compare college costs and financial aid offers. You can also use the Department of Education's College Scorecard and College Navigator to search national databases.

Don’t become the victim of a scam. Before you apply for financial aid, learn how to spot potential fraud, avoid paying for free services, and prevent identity theft.

We also encourage you to view our consumer information page designed to help you make informed decisions regarding your education.

Net Price Calculator
The Net Price Calculator (NPC) is a free service to help you determine your eligibility for Federal Student Aid programs. The NPC takes only about 5 minutes to complete, and it will provide you with an immediate estimate of the financial aid that you might be eligible to receive. Note: this is not a replacement for the FAFSA application.

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