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Last Revision: January 30, 2024

How to Get an Extension on Your Course

If you do not complete course requirements on time because of illness or other extenuating circumstances, you may be given a grade of Incomplete (I) if you have successfully completed at least 50% of the course work already due (grade of B- or better) in the specified course and if you are approved for an extension before final grades in the course are issued. Before requesting an extension, please attempt to complete requirements within the time allotted for the course in order to maintain progress in the program. Please reach out to your course faculty if you believe you will need an extension and create a concrete plan for completing the course requirements.

Extensions are 30 days from the final day of the regularly-scheduled course. All work to rectify incomplete grades must be completed within the extension period. You may only have one Incomplete grade and one Extension at a given time. Students with special circumstances who need to complete more than one course should work with their Department Chair to determine the best course of action for completing courses with the least disruption to program progression. All incompletes must be resolved before you are permitted to defend the dissertation proposal. Incomplete grades do not count toward graduation.

A special case for a longer extension may occur in the context of your portfolio defense. If you do not pass your first attempt at the portfolio defense, your Department Chair may allow a 60-day extension of the corresponding course in order to provide additional study time before attempting the portfolio defense a second time.