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Last Revision: January 30, 2024

Changing Your Major/Program - Non-FSA Students

If you are not registered yet and have NOT submitted a TCE Application: You may change your program online by submitting the “Degree Change form” within the UNIVERSITY FORMS menu under the ‘Academic Plan & Forms’ tab within your ecampus. It is highly recommended that you discuss your academic program options with your Admissions Representative or your Academic Advisor prior to requesting the change.

Your program change request can be denied under one or more of the following criteria:

  • You have submitted excessive number of requests to change majors.
  • You have started and abandoned an APUS program already (This includes changing program levels between undergraduate/graduate without completing a program, or movement between degree to certificate or between certificates.)
  • You have already attempted so many courses that your requested program change will put you above the 150% limit of courses attempted vs earned towards your program.
  • You have submitted a graduation application and have not received final clearance.
  • You are currently on a program hold.
  • You are unsure of your academic and future goals.
  • You have a GPA below the minimum GPA for undergraduate students (2.0).
  • You have completed over 75% of your academic program.
  • You have an IEP/Vocational Diploma and have not completed 12 semester hours successfully.
  • You are a concurrent enrollment student.

Other Important Information Regarding Program Changes

You must use the UNIVERSITY FORMS menu, within the ‘Academic Plan & Forms’ tab, from your ecampus to submit the “Degree Change” form.

Canceling Program Change

If you change your mind before the program change is processed, email [email protected] immediately to cancel the request.

Starting Over

You cannot "start over’ in a new program at the same level unless your current program deadline has expired. If your program deadline has expired and you have not completed your program, you may start a new program with a new GPA. All previously-completed APUS coursework for which you earned a passing grade, as well as any outside source credit, will  be applied, where applicable as residential or transfer credit.

If you received below a C in a required course for your new program, you will need to contact your Academic Advisor for your options.

Certificates and Minors

You are NOT required to select a certificate or minor with your program. Adding an optional certificate or minor may reduce the amount of credit awarded to your program and can potentially increase the amount of time it will take to complete your program. Minors may not be added to associate's or master's degrees.


Concentrations cannot be removed from programs if they are required. Not all programs require concentrations.

Reposting TCE

If you change your program after you have had a transfer credit award posted, your newly-evaluated transfer credit award will be posted within 21 days of your program change.

Disenrolled Students

If you are currently disenrolled and submitting a request to change your program, you will not be able to select a certificate or minor to add to your program.

Additional questions regarding program change requests may be sent to [email protected].