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Last Revision: January 30, 2024

Final Grades

Professors have until 8-calendar days after the end date of the course or the end date of the course extension to post final grades. For each assignment during the course, your professor has 5 days for grading.

If you are on an extension but turn in coursework early, your professor is still not required to post the final grade until 8 days after the extension end date. However, you may email your instructor to let them know that you have completed your work and see if your instructor is available to grade your work and post a final grade prior to your course extension ending.

If you need a grade report quickly, you can print an official Grade Report from your ecampus under the MY ACADEMIC RECORDS menu.

If you start an extension in a course and then do not submit all of the outstanding course work by the end of the extension, you will receive a final grade based on the coursework you submitted, including 0% scores earned for any work that was not completed.