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Society for Human Resource Management

The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) serves the needs of the human resource management professional by providing the most essential and comprehensive set of resources available. In addition, the society is committed to advancing the human resource profession and the capabilities of all human resource professionals to ensure that human resources is an essential and effective partner in developing and executing organizational strategy.

More specifically, our chapter's mission is to provide the opportunities to gain knowledge and insight into the effective management of human capital in the field of human resource management through affiliation with the national organization and fellow chapters.

Membership & Fees

Benefits include: Access to weekly webcasts, state and federal compliance resources, online discussion groups and exclusive member discounts.

Annual membership fee: $40.

Process: Visit the SHRM website and join as a student. Select Other/Online/Don't Know as the state and American Public University will appear in the University Selections box. Email with your name, SHRM member ID (provided when joining on the SHRM website), university student ID, current program, preferred email, and phone number. 

Current Members

If you are currently a member of Society for Human Resource Management, your group is active on Facebook. For assistance connecting with this group, email

Chapter Standing

The Society of Human Resource Management has achieved BRONZE standing, per the university's Chapter Standards program. Bronze standing demonstrates a notable level of chapter involvement and denotes excellence in chapter leadership and member engagement.

Bronze Excellence

Leadership Opportunities

If you are looking to utilize your leadership skills in the field of human resource management, check out the current open leadership positions with SHRM.

  • President
  • Webmaster

Complete the campus leadership form for more information.


If you are a student interested in pursuing human resources as a career or have human resources as a major or concentration, you are eligible for membership. Membership drives will be active during the months of May & November.

For questions or general information, email