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Air Force General Education Mobile (GEM) Program

General Education Mobile

APU is proud to be a part of the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) General Education Mobile (GEM) program. GEM allows Air Force students to take online courses through APU that may count towards a degree with CCAF.

This information is intended for all new Air Force students who are required to provide their Education Office with this list of APU university courses that can fulfill their general education requirements.

Oral Communication

COMM200 – Public Speaking

Written Communication

  • ENGL101 – Proficiency in Writing
  • ENGL102 –  Effectiveness in Writing
  • ENGL110 – Making Writing Relevant
  • ENGL200 – Composition and Literature


  • MATH110 – College Algebra
  • MATH111 – College Trigonometry
  • MATH120 – Introduction to Statistics
  • MATH125 – Math for Liberal Arts Majors
  • MATH225 – Calculus

Social Science

  • ANTH100 – Introduction to Anthropology
  • CHFD220 – Human Sexuality
  • ECON101 – Microeconomics
  • ECON102 – Macroeconomics
  • GEOG101 – Introduction to Geography
  • HIST101 – American History to 1877
  • HIST102 – American History since 1877
  • POLS210 – American Government I
  • PSYC101 – Introduction to Psychology
  • SOCI111 – Introduction to Sociology


  • ARAB100 – Arabic I
  • ARTH200 – Art Appreciation
  • ARTH241 – Film and Literature
  • GERM100 – German I
  • LITR221 – American Literature from The Civil War to Present
  • MUSI200 – Music Appreciation
  • PHIL101 – Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL200 – Introduction to Ethics
  • RELS201 – Introduction to World Religions
  • SPAN100 – Spanish I

Getting Started

Air Force students wishing to take a few general education courses at APU, should select “Non-Degree Seeking Student” status when completing our admissions application. This leaves you free to register for any individual course as long as you meet the requirements for that course. Learn more about taking individual courses.

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