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About This Program

Focus on retail operations management with courses on retail strategy, operations, and merchandising operations.

The courses in this NanoCert are designed to bring you closer to completion of the following degree: BA Retail Management (Concentrations in Business Analytics, Digital Retailing, Marketing, Reverse Logistics Management).

What You Will Do

After successfully completing this NanoCert, the student will be able to:

  • Examine the various types of retail organizational strategies.
  • Devise a set of strategic actions to address retail marketplace changes.
  • Analyze the basic operational practices and concepts associated with modern and successful retail organizations, to include social trends and their impact on retailing.
  • Describe retail merchandising operations and their importance in a competitive market.

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Program Requirements Printable Catalog Version

Must take all courses for this section.

Course ID: 4112

This course in retail strategy will teach students to use analytical techniques for diagnosing the competitive position of retail-focused strategy and discover specific retail options to suit particular markets. Students will discover the strategic perspectives of retail management; examine essential concepts in the retail industry; determine how retail businesses increase returns; and learn ways to create economic value for owners and stakeholders. Students will also examine how consumers behave as shoppers and what retailers can do to create and satisfy customer demands.
Registration Dates Course Dates Session Weeks
06/26/23 - 12/01/23 12/04/23 - 01/28/24 Fall 2023 Session D 8 Week session
09/25/23 - 03/01/24 03/04/24 - 04/28/24 Winter 2024 Session D 8 Week session

Course ID: 4147

In this retail operations class, students will study how to manage the day-to-day functions of retail establishments, such as department stores, grocery stores and specialty shops. Students will also learn how to formulate and analyze of policies and operations that collectively determine how a retail-oriented business positions itself to increase its returns and create economic value for its owners and stakeholders. In addition, students will be introduced to analytical techniques for diagnosing the competitive position of retail-focused strategy and the functions and applications of retail operations theory.
Registration Dates Course Dates Session Weeks
05/29/23 - 11/03/23 11/06/23 - 12/31/23 Fall 2023 Session I 8 Week session
08/28/23 - 02/02/24 02/05/24 - 03/31/24 Winter 2024 Session I 8 Week session

Course ID: 4148

For this course, students will examine retail merchandising operations as the principal task of in-store managers and sales personnel. Students will also learn all of the functions related to merchandising and corporate profitability and how to manage and arrange products on display in a store to increase sales within a competitive market. In addition, students will discover how today’s global business organizations utilize techniques and resources to succeed and remain profitable.
Registration Dates Course Dates Session Weeks
07/31/23 - 12/29/23 01/01/24 - 02/25/24 Winter 2024 Session B 8 Week session
10/30/23 - 03/29/24 04/01/24 - 05/26/24 Spring 2024 Session B 8 Week session

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