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About This Program

The graduate NanoCert in business continuity is a concentrated program offering a foundation in leadership, communications, risk assessment, and the critical need for crisis planning. This online program will increase your comprehension of how a crisis could impact an organization’s reputation, value, and long-term sustainability, as well as a focus on short-term continuity in working with its employees, customers, stakeholders, suppliers, and the general public.

The courses in this NanoCert are designed to bring you closer to completion of the following degrees and certificates: MBA (Master of Business Administration, Operational Crisis Management concentration), MA in Management (Organizational Crisis Management concentration), Graduate Certificate in Human Capital Leadership, and the Graduate Certificate in Organizational Management.

What You Will Do

  1. Explore the role of leadership before, during, and after a crisis
  2. Define the impact of crises on the community, the organization, and its stakeholders
  3. Apply selected basic AI techniques and judge applicability of more advanced techniques
  4. Demonstrate methods of diagnosing and resolving crisis situations
  5. Define the role of a crisis management team
  6. Evaluate a crisis management model

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Program Requirements Printable Catalog Version

Must take all courses for this section.

Course ID: 5209

BUSN654 introduces students to the elements of continuity for an organization. A business continuity plan (BCP) includes procedures for short- and longer-term issues. Students will gain the knowledge to identify essential services and develop a business continuity plan that will outline the methods for protecting the various components of a business, as well as how to proceed when experiencing a crisis.
Registration Dates Course Dates Session Weeks
04/24/23 - 09/29/23 10/02/23 - 11/26/23 Fall 2023 Session B 8 Week session
07/31/23 - 12/29/23 01/01/24 - 02/25/24 Winter 2024 Session B 8 Week session

Course ID: 5210

BUSN655 introduces the fundamental concepts of crisis management and sustainability in a business. A crisis can happen in an organization anytime, anywhere. Topics include advanced crisis management planning, which is key to sustainability and assures a company has the processes and procedures in place to address almost any issue that may arise. The course also covers the impact of a crisis on an organization’s employees, customers, suppliers, and general public; and the sustainability of a company’s value.
Registration Dates Course Dates Session Weeks
05/29/23 - 11/03/23 11/06/23 - 12/31/23 Fall 2023 Session I 8 Week session
08/28/23 - 02/02/24 02/05/24 - 03/31/24 Winter 2024 Session I 8 Week session

Course ID: 5213

BUSN658 offers students the opportunity to study some of the most well-known crisis management case studies from the last several years, as well as what can be learned from them. The theory of case study analysis is covered in detail, including problem formulation, research methodology, data collection, and analytical techniques. Concurrently, students will develop a topic statement and concept of analysis for a crisis management plan in an organization of their choosing. The final assignment for the course is a case analysis that includes an overview of the organization; how leadership developed the crisis management plan; an analysis of what happened and why – was the plan successful or not; and the lessons that can be drawn from the study that would improve the field of crisis management. Students will learn a valuable research skill that can be used repeatedly.
Registration Dates Course Dates Session Weeks
05/29/23 - 11/03/23 11/06/23 - 12/31/23 Fall 2023 Session I 8 Week session
08/28/23 - 02/02/24 02/05/24 - 03/31/24 Winter 2024 Session I 8 Week session

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