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The Business World and the Future Post-COVID-19 Environment

Dr. Gary L. Deel
Competent workforce planning around significant changes in the operating environment is critical to the success of all businesses. In this article, we'll review how COVID-19 has impacted the business world.
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The Future of Business School: Stackables and Flexible Credentials

Dr. Marie Gould Harper
The economy and job opportunities are changing rapidly, forcing institutions of higher learning to adapt by providing innovative and flexible educational offerings. In this episode, APU Dean Dr. Marie Gould Harper talks to President Emeritus Dr. Wallace Boston about the importance of universities and colleges offering customized, flexible credentials including ones that are “stackable.”
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Project Management Degrees and Certification Options

Dr. Kandis Boyd Wyatt
For many people, the hardest position to attain is their first. How can we bridge this gap to connect qualified candidates with the appropriate organization that needs their skillsets?
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Preparing Leaders through Humanities and Business Degrees

Dr. Bjorn Mercer
How do you become a leader of people? One traditional path is to go to business school and take a bunch of business and management classes. Another path involves business and management workshops. But after all that, do you become a leader?
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risks in supply chain management

What Are the Various Risks in Supply Chain Management?

Dr. Robert Gordon, CPC
In this article, Dr. Robert Gordon reviews the risks associated with supply chain management.
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study of law

What Is the Study of Law and What Paths Can Students Take?

Ilan Fuchs, Ph.D.
In this article, legal expert Dr. Ilan Fuchs provides useful advice for aspiring law students.
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retail management

Why Study Retail Management? The Various Reasons

T. Leigh Buehler
If you’re interested in the dynamic and ever-evolving field of retail management, consider earning a degree in the field.
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