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Preparing Leaders Through Humanities and Business Degrees

By Dr. Bjorn Mercer

How do you become a leader of people? One traditional path is to go to business school and take a bunch of business and management classes. Another path involves business and management workshops. But after all that, do you become a leader?

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How to Create and Improve Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

By Dr. Kevin Harris
Significant media attention is often given to the large data breaches of multinational corporations that have become increasingly common in today’s digital age. These breaches have significant consequences for large organizations, such as fines, lawsuits and devastating damages to their business brands.
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Project Management Degrees and Certification Options

By Dr. Kandis Boyd Wyatt
For many people, the hardest position to attain is their first. How can we bridge this gap to connect qualified candidates with the appropriate organization that needs their skillsets?
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The Business World and the Future Post-COVID-19 Environment

By Dr. Gary L. Deel
Competent workforce planning around significant changes in the operating environment is critical to the success of all businesses. However, some events are so unpredictable and impactful that they create revolutionary, permanent changes for organizations everywhere. In this article, we'll review how COVID-19 has impacted the business world.
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Business & Management Podcasts

Building Economic Equality by Launching Black Entrepreneurs

By Dr. Aikyna Finch
In this episode, Dr. Aikyna Finch talks to Will Acuff about his non-profit and how he’s helping to launch Black entrepreneurs.
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Is Teamwork Becoming the Future of Work?

By Dr. Marie Gould Harper
Today’s workforce is disparate, distributed, and disconnected. In this episode, APU’s Dr. Marie Gould Harper talks to workforce expert Mitch Zenger about the role that teamwork will play and solutions to drive positive change.
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The Future of Business School: Stackables and Flexible Credentials

By Dr. Marie Gould Harper
The economy and job opportunities are changing rapidly, forcing institutions of higher learning to adapt by providing innovative and flexible educational offerings. In this episode, APU Dean Dr. Marie Gould Harper talks to President Emeritus Dr. Wallace Boston about the importance of universities and colleges offering customized, flexible credentials including ones that are “stackable.”
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Crisis Leadership — Success in a Pandemic

By Dr. Linda Clark Ashar
The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to adapt operations nearly overnight. In this episode, APU business professor Dr. Linda Ashar talks to Dan Cwalina, the CEO of Lormet Community Federal Credit Union, about his experience leading an essential business through the pandemic. 
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