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Returning Military Students

If you submitted a request to place your program on hold prior to a military deployment, or you did not make any progress on your academic program for a full year, and you are ready to return to your program, you can return by completing the steps below:

  1. Log into the ecampus.
  2. Under the Academic Plan & Forms/University Forms menu, choose All Forms and complete and submit the Program Hold Return Request form.
  3. You will receive notification that your program has been reactivated and when you can register for courses.

Program Completion Deadline

Your program completion deadline remains the same, even if you are deployed and requested to put your studies on hold. If you think you will be unable to complete your program before the deadline, you may apply for a program extension. The maximum extension allowed is 25% of the original program length, given in no more than one-year increments.

Readmission and University Catalogs

If you are disenrolled from the university entirely and wish to return to active status, you can apply for readmission. Readmission to the university places you into the latest university catalog, which means you will need to follow the requirements of your program as stated in the new catalog. To be considered as legacy into your previous catalog version, please email [email protected]. Attach a copy of your deployment or active-duty papers to your email.

If you did not inform the university of your deployment, were inactive in classes, and receive military tuition assistance, you may be placed on a three-year program hold automatically. Email [email protected] for assistance.