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What Happens if I Deploy?

You have a number of options for how to temporarily delay your coursework in the event of a deployment where you will have limited or no Internet access.

Request a Special Circumstance Course Extension

If you can complete the course within 90 days, you can request a special circumstance course extension. To do this, log into the student ecampus and under Academic Plan & Forms/University Forms, select the All Forms menu to open and submit the Course Extension (Special) Request Form.

You will be notified of any required documentation, and you will have 3 business days from the time of the request or before the end of your course — whichever comes first — to submit the documentation. Once the documentation has been received, your request will be validated, and your instructor will be emailed to confirm notification of the extension. You will also receive an email informing you if your request has been approved or denied.

Dropping or Withdrawing From Courses

If you are within the first week of the class, you will want to drop the course. If you are between week 2 and the start of the final week of the course, you can submit a course withdrawal. Read How to Drop or Withdraw from a Course for details.

By providing official documentation to your education office, your tuition assistance may not need to be reimbursed.

Notify the ESO

Grades are reported to the Education Services Office (ESO) twice a month. If you have been granted a course extension, it is your responsibility to print your grade report and submit it to the ESO. You will find your grades by opening the Grade Reports link under the Academic Plan & Forms menu.

Requesting a Program Hold

To be considered an active student at our university, you must complete at least one course every 12 months or you will be disenrolled from the university.

If you know in advance that you will be unable to take any courses over more than a 12-month period, you can submit a Program Hold Request from the Forms Menu on your ecampus. This will allow you to hold your program for up to two years with no risk of disenrollment. However, it does not change your program deadline. Read our Program Completion Deadlines article for more details.