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Understanding Transfer Credit Results

Approximately 2 to 3 weeks after you submit all required documentation and complete the transfer credit evaluation (TCE) process, you will be notified that your results are ready. TCE results will be sent to your email address on file with the university, so please make sure your contact information on file with the university is up to date and accurate.

  1. Log into the ecampus.
  2. Select View Academic Plan under the Academic Plan & Forms/My Program menu.
  3. Your awarded transfer credits are shown in red next to each equivalent course where the credit was earned.
Note: You should not notice any change in your GPA, as only courses taken at our university are counted towards your GPA.

Once the course has been reviewed and meets our eligibility criteria, it is then applied to your program requirements. The credits are applied as follows:

  • If the course is a direct university equivalent and it applies to your program, it is awarded toward the section of your Academic Plan where required courses are listed.
  • If the course has a university equivalent here that is not required for your specific program of study and you have general electives, it will be awarded to the electives section.

If the course is not equivalent to a specific university course, but is still eligible for transfer, it can be awarded based on the hierarchy of transfer credit, as follows:

  1. General Education
  2. Core Requirements
  3. Concentration Requirements
  4. Certificate Requirements
  5. General Electives

Note: Academic/traditional credit is always applied before non-academic/non-traditional credit, such as CLEP or DSST exams.

Your Academic Plan may show a category called Excessive/Non-Applicable Transfer Credits. The courses listed here cannot be applied to your Academic Plan for any of these reasons:

  • You have exhausted your electives, and the credits are not a direct match for any of the other required courses in your program here.
  • You have more credits to transfer than can be applied to your program (view limits).
  • The course did not meet standards of acceptable transfer credit eligibility.

If you have any concerns about your final TCE results, your first step is to email [email protected] — it may be that additional documentation is needed for a course to qualify. Additionally, you can:

Contact your admissions coach at [email protected] or 877-755-2787.
Browse the university’s Transfer Credit Evaluation Center.