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Our university operates on semester hours, but you may have earned credits that were measured differently, such as quarter hours. Any credits earned in a different unit of measure will be converted to the semester hour unit. For example, if you earned 3 credits on a quarter-hour system, they might transfer here as 2 credits.
The level of the course submitted for transfer credit must be equivalent to the required course here. For example, undergraduate courses are categorized as freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior, with course numbers listed in the traditional 100, 200, 300, and 400 ranges respectively.
The course description is reviewed to determine if it is equivalent to an existing course here. When reviewing the course description, we consider the content, primary course objectives, and the assessment tools. If the course description does not provide enough detail to determine an equivalent, we may ask you to provide the course syllabus for further review of the transferability of the course.
Contact your admissions coach at [email protected] or 877-755-2787, or email [email protected] for specific transfer credit questions.

Standards of Acceptable Transfer Credit

When you submit a transfer credit evaluation (TCE) application, the university is committed to reviewing all credits submitted for transfer and providing you with the best possible outcome. Determining how a course will transfer toward your degree program is a complex process that takes into account a number of factors, including: