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Welcome to the APUS Help Center

myAPUS Puts School in the Palm of Your Hand

The university’s new app, called myAPUS, offers a one-stop-shop to perform your daily student activities. You can log into the student ecampus and classroom to complete almost any task on your mobile device that you can complete on a desktop or laptop computer.

Simply download myAPUS from the App Store for iOS devices or via Google Play for Android devices. Then just sign in using your student ID and password.

Student Experience 

Within the myAPUS app, you can log into the student ecampus to:

  • Register for courses.
  • View and modify your student profile.
  • Access your student account ledger.
  • Connect with an advisor.
  • Access the Trefry Library.
  • Visit ClearPath to network with groups and mentors.
  • Order your transcripts.
  • Visit the Finance Center.

You can also easily access your classroom to:

  • View the class syllabus.
  • Read lessons and announcements.
  • Check messages posted to the classroom, and see read/unread status.
  • Reply or post to classroom forum conversations.
  • View assignments and associated instructions.
  • Check grades and access your current academic plan.
  • Choose to hide a course if you're enrolled in more than one course.
  • View videos posted in forum discussions.
  • View and submit assignments or take tests and quizzes.

The myAPUS app also lets you use tools on your device like your camera or OneDrive while working within the classroom. This means you can upload a file or photo to your classroom from the mobile app now.

Note: Most classroom and ecampus tasks were designed to be mobile friendly, however some work is best completed on a laptop or desktop computer. For example, some textbooks and lab programs might not be usable on your mobile device. You will need to experiment with the app to determine its usefulness for your needs.

Alerts & Notifications

A great feature of myAPUS is the ability to receive alerts from the university via the app. Registration reminders, messages from your professors, and more can be sent to you via the app – helping to keep you connected and in the know. You are encouraged to keep notifications turned on inside the myAPUS app.


We want to hear from you! Your feedback helps us identify areas of improvement in the app. You can provide feedback via a survey that will be sent directly to the app, or, if you have any additional questions or comments, please email