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future of sports

How Will Sports Change in the Future? What You Should Know

Dr. Brittany Jacobs
Sports have evolved substantially over the last century, with significant advances made in the past few decades. The future of sports is thrilling, with many developments on the horizon.
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careers in sports

Careers in Sports and Health: What Jobs Are Possible?

Adrienne Herrenbruck, Ph. D, ACSM-EP
Pursuing a career in sports and health sciences could be a dream job if you enjoy being around sports; discussing fitness topics, or helping others reach their physical fitness goals.
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ethics in sports management

Ethics in Sport Management: Why Are They So Important?

T. Leigh Buehler
Sport management tends to focus on achieving success. But the pivotal role ethics plays in this field must also be recognized.
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NIL has changed college sports

How Has NIL Changed College Sports Like College Football?

Dr. Barry Shollenberger
As the world of college sports stands at a pivotal juncture, it's crucial to understand the concepts of Name, Image, and Likeness, the NCAA Transfer Portal.
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nurse burnout

What Is Nurse Burnout and How Can It Be Prevented in Healthcare?

Nurses' commitment to health care is essential, but this commitment often comes with an overlooked cost: nurse burnout.
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gender discrimination in sports

Is There Gender Discrimination in Sports? How to Fix It

Dr. Brittany Jacobs
Despite many advances over time, gender inequality and sex discrimination are still rampant in sports.
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levels of nursing degrees

What Are the Different Levels of Nursing Degrees Available?

Nursing is a vast, diverse field. There is a right role for everybody – and we hope to help you discover yours.
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virtual season ticket

The Virtual Season Ticket: The Next Sports Revenue Stream

Dr. Jim Reese
Dr. Jim Reese discusses the concept of virtual season tickets in the sports industry.
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athlete mental health

The Importance of Prioritizing Athlete Mental Health

Dr. Monica Sainz
Coaches, sports psychologists, or athletic trainers supporting professional athletes or amateur student athletes should regularly prioritize athlete mental health to help their performance in competitions.
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Sports equipment

Making the Most of Your Sports Management Master's Degree

Dr. Brittany Jacobs
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medical services for events

Medical Services for Events: Ensuring Quality Performance

Dr. Randall W. Hanifen
Special events will typically need fire, emergency medical services (EMS), and security. These services can exist individually, but they will only be effective if the plans work in a unified format.
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sports management degree

What is Sports Management and What is its Future?

The sports world is here to stay, and sports management is a billion-dollar industry that involves managing and organizing various aspects of sports teams, events, facilities, and organizations.
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