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nursing leadership

Why It's Imperative to Cultivate More Nurse Leaders

By Allison Phillips
This scarcity of nurses is in turn propagating a shortage of nurse leaders. Now, it is imperative to create more nurse leaders focused on providing positive patient outcomes and workforce needs.
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nurse using computer

Public Health Offers a Variety of Potential Career Fields

By Dr. Samer Koutoubi
Public Health officials play a crucial role in promoting healthy communities and behaviors, preventing the spread of communicable diseases, and eliminating environmental health hazards. 
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nursing shortage

Solving the Massive Nursing Shortage in the United States

By Allison Philips
There’s an urgent problem facing the healthcare industry in America. We need more nurses, but nursing schools are running short on faculty. Many of these educational institutions do not have the capacity to train more students, which limits the number of nursing students they can accept.
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CCNE Accreditation Renewed for Master's Programs in Nursing

Dr. Stacey Malinowski
On October 20, the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) granted our master’s degree programs in nursing CCNE accreditation through December 31, 2032. These master’s degree programs received their initial accreditation from CCNE in 2017, and we are pleased to have achieved this continuing accreditation status. Our RN to BSN program is also accredited by CCNE until December 31, 2027.
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what can you do with a sports management degree

The Possible Paths you can Take With a Sports Management Degree

Delve into the diverse paths available with a sports management degree, shedding light on its wide-ranging applications within the field.

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nurse practitioner

Reasons Why I Love Being a Nurse Practitioner

The role of a nurse practitioner can be essential and rewarding one within the healthcare industry. This article provides insights into the fulfillment and personal satisfaction often derived from the nursing profession.

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nurse practitioner

What is a Family Nurse Practitioner?

Gain insights into the role of a Family Nurse Practitioner and their vital contributions to healthcare. Discover the responsibilities and skills required for this essential nursing specialty.

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importance of supply chain management in healthcare

The Importance of Supply Chain Management in Healthcare

Dive into the significance of supply chain management in healthcare, helping to illustrate its role in enhancing efficiency and quality of care within the nursing and health sciences field.

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Personal trainers work with all kinds of clients to help them reach their personal health goals. Here are tips when seeking a trainer.

What are the Benefits of Personal Training?

Learn more about personal training and why clients choose to hire a personal trainer.


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sports analytics

Revolutionizing the Game: A Comprehensive Guide to Sports Analytics

Discover why the sports analytics industry has become integral to mainstream sports culture.

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psychiatric nurse

What Does a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Do?

The realm of psychiatric mental health, within which nurse practitioners operate, is a complex field that deals with a variety of mental illnesses. In this article, we review the many roles of a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

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Nursing and Health Sciences Podcasts

Want to Become a Nurse? What to Know about Nursing Education

By Bjorn Mercer

There are more than 100 different specialties in nursing, providing nurses with a variety of career options to pursue. In this episode, APU’s Dr. Bjorn Mercer talks to Assistant Dean and nurse Dr. Stacey Malinowski about her career path and the numerous ways students can pursue a nursing education.

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How COVID has Led to Rise in Nurse Burnout and Staffing Shortages

By Dr. Bjorn Mercer and Dr. Stacey Malinowski
COVID-19 has taken a huge toll on the healthcare system and has led to high levels of nursing burnout and staffing shortages. In this episode, Dr. Bjorn Mercer talks to APU nursing professor Dr. Stacey Malinowski about the current state of the healthcare system and how to address major nursing shortages across the country. 
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