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intelligence analyst skills

Intelligence Analyst Skills: What Type of Skills Are Needed?

Dr. Matthew Loux and Derek Loux
Intelligence analysts are an essential piece of the intelligence community. This article examines what skills analysts should develop to be successful in the profession.
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most famous secret agents

The Most Famous Secret Agents and Their Historic Impact

Dr. James Burch
In this article, Dr. James Burch overviews several secret agents that stand out for their activities and contributions to history.
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open source intelligence

Why Is Open Source Collection Critical in Intelligence Work?

Dr. David James Kritz
Open source intelligence has always been important to U.S. intelligence collection efforts.
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student writing

How to Write a Thesis: A Guide for Master’s Students

Dr. David James Kritz
Based on his experience as an educator, Dr, David James Kritz shares 10 tips for creating good thesis statements. These tips, combined with some apt thesis statement examples, can elucidate the process.
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hard hat in front of flag

National Security Offers More Than Just Intelligence Jobs

Kim Slaughter
If you desire to support U.S. national security, there are careers in this field that are worth your time to research.
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looking through binoculars

What Skills are Needed to Work in Intelligence?

Daniela Baches-Torres
The Intelligence Community has benefited from the growing number of intelligence-related academic programs created in the last two decades. But what skills are needed to work in intelligence?
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private sector intelligence

Private Sector Intelligence: A Developing Professional Environment

Daniela Baches-Torres
In this article, American Public University professor Daniela Baches-Torres discusses the recent inroads in the private sector of intelligence.
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typing on computer

The Importance of Critical Thinking in Intelligence Analysis

James Hess, Ph.D.
Dr. James Hess, Professor in our School of Security and Global Studies, reviews the role that critical thinking has in the Intelligence industry.
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human intelligence

What Is HUMINT and How Is It Used in the Intelligence Field?

Dr. Jarrod Sadulski
Among the intelligence gathered by government agencies, there is human intelligence (HUMINT), which is gathered from human sources.
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