what skills does a business major give you


The pursuit of a business major is a smart move toward pursuing a career.

Business courses help to convert adult learners with little to no experience into versatile business professionals who are great at dealing with complex situations and turning challenges into opportunities. They learn the ins and outs of business management and pick up crucial skills that prepare them to thrive in various industries.


The Versatility of a Business Major

A business major really shines because of its versatility, making it a top pick in today's wide array of educational choices. Business degree programs are built on a solid curriculum that teach students the basics, such as finance, marketing, management, and economics. It also enables adult learners who want to become business professionals to become more knowledgeable about ethics, international business, and the latest tech trends.

A business major enables adult learners to develop a useful set of skills that can be used virtually anywhere in the business world. Whether you're into the hustle of tech startups, navigating the complex world of big international companies, or shaking up the world in entrepreneurship, what you learn in a business program is valuable and respected everywhere.


The Key Skills a Business Degree Gives You

Pursuing a business degree is more than just going through business management textbooks, watching lectures and learning business principles; it's about gaining real-world skills that are crucial in today's job market. With a focus on practical knowledge and hands-on experience, a business degree helps to prepare you for the challenges of the workplace.

From decision-making to teamwork, here's a look at the important skills that you'll develop in a business degree program. These skills will serve you well in any career path you decide to pursue.

Financial Skills

Studying business sharpens your ability to understand the basics of money matters, such as reading financial statements and reports, budgeting wisely, and spotting financial risks. This knowledge is essential to making smart choices that help the bottom line and growth of a business.

Also, understanding economics, accounting, and financial management is essential to smooth financial operations. This knowledge is crucial for making strategic moves at the right time and keeping a business running smoothly.

Critical Thinking, Analytical Skills, and Problem-Solving Abilities

A business major trains you to tackle tricky business issues with a sharp, analytical mind and use critical thinking. It also prepares you to find smart solutions to problems, which is very important for dealing with the twists and turns of the business world.

Management Know-How

In the courses for a business major, you’ll dive into different areas of business management from project management to keeping the supply chain on track. As a result, you'll have the leadership skills to boost a team's performance and keep everyone happy at work.

Strategic Thinking and Business Strategy

A business program helps you to learn strategic thinking and to make decisions that steer a company toward reaching its long-term goals. These skills enable you to ensure than an organization stays on track.

Networking Abilities

Making connections and building solid relationships with coworkers, vendors, and partners are at the heart of today’s business. Learning how to network and form professional connections is useful for collaborations, career moves, and new job opportunities.

Real-World Business Insights

Our online course instructors provide students with a mix of practical group projects and case studies so that adult learners better understand real-world scenarios. As a result, they can apply their classroom knowledge and the business skills they've learned to different organizations.


In business courses, students explore how to make ethically sound decisions that are good for business. Later, they will have the business skills to deal with difficult moral questions and lead others with integrity.

Leadership Skills

In their coursework, students acquire the leadership and communication skills essential for motivating teams and navigating changes in the world of business. Adult learners learn how to be the kind of leader others want to follow, essential for any role that involves guiding others.


Today’s business degrees also shine a light on sustainability. Adult learners develop the knowledge to make decisions that are profitable for businesses but also positive for the planet.


The Technical Skillset Developed from Business Courses

The set of skills you get from studying business covers a lot of ground, giving you all the tools for today's data-loving, digital-based business world.

Adult learners will gain proficiency in quantitative analysis, learning to leverage statistical tools and software to interpret data and inform business decisions. There are also courses in information technology and digital marketing that equip adult learners with the skills to utilize cutting-edge technologies, manage online platforms, and understand the behavior of digital customers.

The acquisition of technical skills, combined with an understanding of business management fundamentals, prepare graduates to effectively analyze trends, optimize procedures, and drive strategic decisions in the business settings of any future employers. These skills include:

  • Data analysis
  • Digital marketing, including content marketing
  • Information technology management
  • Financial modeling
  • Project management


Cultivating Critical Soft Skills

In addition to hard technical skills, a business degree places a strong emphasis on the development of soft skills such as effective communication, teamwork, adaptability, and emotional intelligence.

These business skills are just as valuable as financial acumen or strategic planning abilities; they enable you to navigate workplace dynamics, handle organizational behavior, and lead with empathy. These skills include:

  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Self-discipline
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Negotiation skills
  • Adaptability
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Teamwork


Acquiring Business Skills for Your Intended Career Path

After finishing your degree, you'll be armed with a broad skill set. Whether you want to be involved in human resource management or business administration, take on more responsibility by starting your own venture, dive into financial analysis, pursue leadership roles, or advise businesses, the competencies you gain from studying business lay a solid groundwork for progress as you seek career opportunities with potential employers.

The analytical and problem-solving abilities you develop during your studies are not just limited to one area of business. They're highly transferable and can apply to many industries. Your knack for dissecting data, crafting strategic plans, and conveying your thoughts effectively will be a valuable asset in almost any business setting.


Explore American Public University's Business Programs

For those adult learners ready to start a truly transformative journey, the Dr. Wallace E. Boston School of Business at American Public University offers a wide range of business-related degrees.

The University's online business degree programs are specifically designed to fit the busy lives of working adults. With a diverse range of degrees available, including our popular online master of business administration (MBA) degree, American Public University offers quality education taught by faculty with extensive experience who understand the real-world challenges of today's business environment.

American Public University provides a flexible, online learning platform that allows you to study on your schedule without sacrificing quality or support. Explore our offerings and find the program that aligns with your career goals.


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