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Individual Courses

Classes start monthly. 0 wait times and $0 to apply.

You’re ready to learn, and we’re ready to help – all at an affordable rate. Our standard undergraduate tuition rate is $285 per credit hour ($250 per credit hour with a military tuition grant). For added value, enjoy more benefits that make an American Public University education so desirable and respected:

  • Flexibility – monthly start dates and no set login times
  • Convenience – 24/7 access fully online
  • Efficiency – mostly 8-week class formats
  • Choice –1,200+ courses related to 200+ degree and certificate programs
Interested in taking a class to transfer back to your current school? We offer all the popular disciplines, like English, history, math, and science. Before applying, be sure your course selection will transfer back to your home school. Follow all of the steps below to apply and get started.

If this is for your own professional growth, you can skip steps 2-3 below. Just choose your class (step 1) and complete the application (step 4). Here are some classes that our working adults typically pursue:

If you need to fulfill a licensing requirement, please follow all the steps below. Before you apply, check with the appropriate licensing board to ensure the course you plan to take will you help you move forward.
If you are just giving online learning a trial run at APU, you can skip steps 2-3. Just choose your class (step 1) and complete the application (step 4).
APU is proud to participate in the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) "GEM" program, allowing Airmen to complete CCAF's 15 semester hours of general education requirements. Choose your course from a selection of APU courses that are eligible for this program, then you're ready to complete the application (step 4).
As an exceptional junior or senior in high school, you can enroll in our 100-and 200-level courses while still in high school. This is known as concurrent enrollment and we encourage you to learn more about the eligibility requirements.


How to Get Started

  1. Choose Your Class

    Visit the course schedule to narrow down the class or classes you wish to take. Feel free to leave the session set to all or specify one if you know when you want to take class. Choose a category (i.e. course subject) and then your level (undergraduate or graduate).

  2. Gather All the Important Details

    Within our course schedule tool, use the + sign to expand the information on each course. Then select the "Additional Course Details" button. Make sure you document or print the following information for your current institution or licensing board.
    • Prerequisites (if any are specified)
    • Course objectives
    • Course materials or books
    • Previous syllabi
    • Session date
  3. Talk to Your Current Institution or Licensing Board

    Your current institution or licensing board will need a copy of the information you gathered in step 2 to determine if you will be able to transfer our course back and earn the credit you desire. Start a conversation with an advisor at your current institution or the licensing board once you have all the course information ready.

  4. Apply

    Now you're ready to enroll and complete our application. Our university has open enrollment and there is no cost to apply. Since you are looking to take individual classes only, you need to specify that when you select your academic program. You will choose either "Undergraduate Non-Degree Seeking" or "Graduate Non-Degree Seeking" depending on the level of the class you plan to take. It will then show you as "Undergraduate Courses for Transfer" in our School of Arts & Humanities. Don't worry if that school is different than expected, that is simply the school we house individual classes.

    Note about payment options: While federal student aid (FSA) cannot be used for individual classes, there are other options available to help cover the cost, including our military grant, payment plan options, no cost materials, etc.

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