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 BA in History | School of Arts & Humanities

Kelli’s bachelor’s in history from APU empowered her to transition from the Army to teaching high school. While in the Army, Kelli spent several years as an air traffic controller. She realized that it wasn’t her passion and decided to become a teacher to influence kids to make a greater impact on the world.

As a single mother with two children, APU’s online approach worked well for her. Other schools she knew of would not have put classes on hold just because she went to Army training or her kids were sick.

Kelli has taken her love of history and made a career of it. She’s growing professionally and loves mentoring her students—helping them to think critically so they can make better decisions as they go out into the world. 

How She Did it 

Getting Started

Kelli left the Army and chose to become a teacher and continue her education.


Professors and staff understand most students are working adults and work with them when schedules are disrupted.


The tuition rate is affordable.
One of the greatest advantages of online college, especially APU, is that you have the freedom to study whenever and wherever you want.
Kelli Partida (Oliver)
BA, History

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