Learn About Jovanka

 MA in Management | School of Business

When Jovanka announced that she wanted to go back to school, her family and friends were concerned about how she was going to do it all.

Ready to earn her master’s degree in management with a concentration in human resources, she wasn’t sure if APU’s online platform was ideal but studying online allowed her to better balance work and family.

The last course in her APU program provided her with the skills to lead teams successfully, which is a requirement for her latest professional role.

How She Did it 

Getting Started

Jovanka’s husband Jahnu, a veteran and graduate himself, introduced her to APU.

College Readiness

She knew she didn’t want an MBA but a master’s with a focus on human resources.


The flexibility and convenience to participate at anytime from anywhere was perfect for her.
The demands of a working parent can be challenging, however, through APU I successfully balanced my family life and professional responsibilities while still managing the enriching challenges of my graduate studies.
Jovanka Rodriguez
MA, Management

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