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Failure to Complete any Courses in a Semester

Federal financial aid is packaged based upon the duration of your scheduled enrollment each semester.

If you have been packaged with, or are otherwise eligible for, financial aid and begin attendance, but then change your enrollment and fail to attend class for the time period originally scheduled, APUS is required to recalculate the financial aid you are eligible for based upon your adjusted enrollment. The calculation determines the percentage of the original financial aid package that was earned during the period you actually attended.

Changes to your enrollment include: dropping, withdrawing, or failure to participate in classes. It is also important to note that voluntary or involuntary disenrollment can also result in a change in your financial aid eligibility.

Federal guidelines require the university to review the grades for all students who complete their semester. The university must not only check students for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in their program of study, but must also have a mechanism in place to determine if a student failed to complete any courses in a semester.

  • A student is considered an ‘unofficial withdrawal’ from the semester when the student has failed to earn a grade in any of their courses at the end of the semester.
  • Students determined to be an unofficial withdrawal are no longer considered enrolled for the semester and are therefore subject to Federal Return of Federal Financial Aid Funds rules.
  • As of July 1, 2011, registrations in a future semester do not exempt a student from being considered an unofficial withdrawal from a semester.

The following procedures are followed:

  • When a student unofficially withdraws and they were packaged with Federal Student Aid for the semester, the university is required by law to perform a Return of Federal Financial Aid calculation to determine the percentage and amount of aid that the student earned.
  • The amount of aid earned is based on a determination of the withdrawal date, which is either the midpoint of the semester or the last documented date of an academically-related activity, whichever is later.
  • The institution will determine the last date that the student participated in an academically-related activity such as participating in a discussion group, taking a quiz or exam, turning in homework, etc.
  • Simply logging into a course without active participation does not constitute an academically-related activity.