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Virtual Communities

ClearPath is a virtual community where you can access university resources and network with other community members.


Community Benefits

  • Search the university directory for fellow students & alumni
  • Join the university directory, so others can keep in touch with you
  • Find or become a mentor in the ClearPath Mentoring program
  • Network with other members in your area through regional groups

Search for Students & Alumni

Using the ClearPath Directory, you can find members that choose to share information with the community. You can opt-out of the directory at any time, and choose to share as much or as little information as you would like.


Mentors can provide guidance and motivation in the pursuit of academic and professional goals. Consider connecting with one of your peers, a few steps ahead, to gain insight and experience along your journey.

The university offers peer mentoring within the ClearPath virtual community.

  • Mentees are information-seekers. Students and alumni are invited to participate.
  • Mentors are information-sharers--outstanding graduate students, alumni, and students who demonstrate significant academic achievements or professional experience.

Learn more about ClearPath Mentoring and join the network today!

Virtual Communities

Accessing ClearPath

Login to access ClearPath through the ecampus using your student ID and passcode. You can find the ClearPath link on the Student Services menu.

Login to eCampus