Excellence in Service Award

The Excellence in Service Award recognizes outstanding staff members of the APUS and APEI community for quality and dedicated work.

  • Demonstrates a commitment to provide excellent service to students, alumni, faculty and staff; goes above and beyond university standards to be respectful and helpful and ensures that interactions with the above-mentioned parties are exceptional and problems are resolved
  • Displays dedication to continuously improving customer satisfaction based on a commitment to learn from past experiences and feedback and to find creative and appropriate solutions to customer problems
  • Promotes positive morale through a congenial, supportive attitude and by providing service to others; leads by example and demonstrates effective service interactions with all
  • Demonstrates exceptional ability to foster collaboration, communication, and cooperation among colleagues and members of the campus community
  • Demonstrates leadership in the university and related communities

Nominations may be made by faculty, staff, students, alumni, and those familiar with the nominee’s work.

  • The University Awards Committee reviews submissions
  • Top candidates are submitted to the Office of the President for final review and approval
  • There may be more than one award winner selected in a calendar year (based on the discretion of the review committee and the President's final approval); however, if no qualified candidates are nominated, the award may not be given
  • Award recipients will be honored during Commencement weekend, and should we have an in-person celebration, one-night accommodations and individual travel expenses to attend Commencement will be paid for by the University
  • Award recipients receive a crystal trophy
  • Award recipients are not required to attend Commencement to accept the award

Excellence in Service Award Recipient

Lindsey Larson

Lindsey graduated from Shepherd University with a bachelor's in business administration and a minor in music. She also holds a MBA from Shepherd University and was a member of the honor society of Phi Kappa Phi. 

Lindsey joined the University in 2012 as an admissions representative, working with prospective students. Since then, Lindsey has served the University in various roles, including student support and enrollment management. Currently, she works in the Office of the Provost. 

Lindsey’s emotional intelligence, forward-thinking approach, verve to drive initiatives forward and motivate others, dedication to operational excellence, and commitment to serving the University’s mission, make her a valuable member of the University community. 

She takes pride in focusing on operational and process efficiencies for staff, faculty, and students in regard to our procedures and experiences. Lindsey says, “It is easy to work in a single lane to achieve goals, but true accomplishment and magic happen when we cross departmental lines and collaborate as one team for one mission.” Lindsey holds herself to a high level of professionalism and positivity, and she has a strong drive to serve the University in any way possible. 

Lindsey is an effective communicator and a master problem solver. She has taken numerous processes and transitioned them in a way that has led to their alignment with strategic goals. Lindsey is positive, agile, goal-oriented, mission-driven and highly committed, and she goes above and beyond in everything that she does. 

Her role touches most operations and projects within the academics department, and her leadership is an integral piece of our operations and continued success. For the last 10 years, Lindsey has led and participated in various committees, including the Excellence in Academic Advising committee, the Diversity, Equity, Including and Belonging (DEIB) Survey Subcommittee, and the Next Generation Leadership Academy committee. Lindsey often says, “Regardless of how hard the problem is, we can achieve absolutely anything.”

  • 2017: Carolyn Todaro
  • 2018: Amanda Wilson
  • 2019: Michael Ramlogan
  • 2020: Brandon Patton
  • 2021: Allyson Kline

The deadline for the 2024 award nominations is January 26, 2024. For additional information or questions,  contact the University Awards Committee.