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At APU, we got your six and we're ready to support your academic goals


We welcome soldiers eager to advance their knowledge through American Public University (APU).

ArmyIgnitED, a new platform replacing GoArmyEd, is now available to facilitate your education journey. You will use it to create an education path and request tuition assistance (TA) from the Army.

If you will use TA to pay for school, here are your next steps:

  1. Apply to American Public University, if you have not already applied
  2. Register for your course(s) through APU's ecampus using the student ID number you receive once you are admitted
  3. Visit the ArmyIgnitED website and click "Get Started" to create your account in the platform

Once your account is created in ArmyIgnitED, you will use it whenever you wish to update your education path or request tuition assistance for courses.

What Would You Like to Do?

Navigating ArmyIgnitED for TA Requests

In ArmyIgnitED, you will do the following: 

  • Create an account
  • Create an education path
  • Submit your tuition assistance request once your education path is approved

Need help? See the "How-To" Guide to learn more about creating your student account in ArmyIgnitED.

Credentialing Assistance
Interested in professional certification training and Credentialing Assistance (CA)?

ArmyIgnitED 2.0 FAQ

Getting Started in ArmyIgnitED 2.0

The Army’s new platform through which the student selects their education pathway and requests financial assistance. This will be the platform for which Army students will select TA (tuition assistance) and/or CA (credentialing assistance).

Yes. Students will have access to create their account in ArmyIgnitED 2.0 starting August 29, 2022. Students will need to use their Common Access Card (CAC) card to access the system.

Students will need to use their Common Access Card (CAC) card to access the system. This requirement will limit their ability to access the system when off-duty unless they have USB CAC card readers.

They should use their .mil email address per the army training guides. The system will send an email, so the student must confirm to finalize the account creation. The student should follow the instructions in the email to complete the account creation.

Yes, every soldier must create an account in ArmyIgnited 2.0.

Yes, as a part of the account creation the student will have to select their school; they will select APU as their home school at that time.

Soldiers will need to 1). Create an account in ArmyIgnitED 2.0, 2). Select their school and add AMU Student ID to their profile, 3). Set up their Academic Goal (Select their Degree and identify any transfer credit), 4). Wait for their education goal to be approved by their Army education counselor, 5). Select their course (s) and submit their tuition assistance request.

a. Student should start with AMU, so they can complete the application process and select their program of study. They will need their AMU student ID and their academic program name to complete their profile in ArmyIgnitED 2.0.

b. They can register for their course (s) in AMU and will need their registration confirmation to request tuition assistance in ArmyIgnitED 2.0 as the information must match.

a. Yes, the student will need to request TA for each new enrollment/registration in IgnitED 2.0, upload their evaluated degree plan (Student Agreement in their ecampus), and make changes to their academic goals if they change their program.

i. New students to APU should wait to upload their evaluated degree plan (Student Agreement in PAD) until their initial transfer credit evaluation is complete. Students will be allowed to complete 6 SH before being required to upload their evaluated degree plan to request additional TA funding.

a. This how the student identifies their academic goals by selecting the degree/program of study they are enrolled in at APU. During this process they can also indicate an estimate of their transfer credit award.

b. Once the academic goal is submitted, it must be approved by the education counselors.

a. The only information that is passed from ArmyIgnitED 2.0 to AMU are Tuition Assistance Request Approvals.

i. Tuition Assistance approvals will be transferred to APU via SFTP web service at least once daily.

b. In the future, invoicing data may also be sent electronically, but that information is not currently available.

a. The student’s academic plan—the requirements, courses needed to be completed, courses completed, transfer credit. This is the Student Agreement that can be downloaded from the student’s academic plan in their ecampus. They will then need to upload the student agreement to their ArmyIgnitED 2.0 account as their evaluated degree plan.

b. If the EDP is not uploaded during the Education Goal creation (during account set-up), the student will have to send it to the Education Center to upload.

Upon completion of 2 courses, the EDP will be required to request additional Tuition Assistance.

Students will need to download their Student Agreement from their academic plan in their ecampus. They will then need to upload the student agreement to their ArmyIgnitED 2.0 account.

 Course Registrations/Grades/Drops-Withdrawals/Graduation

Yes, students will have to select their courses in ArmyIgnitED 2.0 and create a Tuition Assistance Request at least 7 days prior to course start.

a. Yes, students will have to register in their ecampus.

i. Students should keep a copy of their Registration Confirmation Page to refer back to when completing the TA request. The course code and dates selected in AIE 2.0 must mirror what has been selected at AMU.

b. They will also have to register/select their courses in ArmyIgnitED 2.0 and request their TA in ArmyIgnitED 2.0.

All students can register for up to 6 semester hours after they are admitted; they will need to create account in ArmyIgnitED 2.0; select AMU as their school; select their education goal (academic program), which must be approved by their education counselor.

Please note, for students who have had their transfer credit evaluated, they should upload their evaluated degree plan (student agreement) at the time they create their education goal.

The student will submit the drop or withdrawal form in their eCampus.

The Military Registrations & Resources (MR&R) team will push the grades from PAD to ArmyIgnitED 2.0 two weeks after the course end date.

Grade changes will be updated by the MR&R team. Please email if your course final grade is changed on your AMU account. The MR&R team will update your final grade on your ArmyIgnitED 2.0 account.

Students on extension ‘I’ grades will be reported by the MR&R team weekly in ArmyIgnitED 2.0.

a. Drops will be processed during the billing/invoicing cycle.

i. Students who drop their course are encouraged to return to ArmyIgnitED and cancel the TA request so funding can be re-allocated to the Fiscal year allotment.

b. Withdrawals will be reported on the grade file sent from AMU to ArmyIgnitED 2.0.

The MR&R team will log into the AI Portal’s administrative site and upload an official electronic transcript for students to confirm their degree completions after each conferral: February 1, April 1, June 1, August 1, October 1, and December 1.

 Getting TA Approval

a. In ArmyIgnitED 2.0, students will select their Active Education Goals and then select Apply for Funding.

b. TA requests that are within the Quality Assurance guidelines [Part of their evaluated plan, no more than 9 hours, and have no holds on account] will be automatically approved by the system. If any of these criterion aren’t met, the TA request will be sent to the education counselor for review.

Once verified by the Soldier or Education Center, the TA request will be auto approved. The soldier should see the Pending TA/Approved TA requests in ArmyIgnitED.

a. Course access will be granted through PAD. The Army will send TA request file each day to AMU. This TA file will then run through the AMU Course Flag Automation process, which will verify PAD registration data vs. AIE 2.0 approvals. If all data sets match, course access will be granted and students will be notified via email. Instances where data sets to not match will be manually reviewed by the Military Assistance Team.

b. The Student Degree Plan is the academic plan that shows the courses the student will need to take. To get TA approval the course will need to appear on the SDP. If the course appears on their SDP then the TA approval is supposed to be automatic. Course access is granted once we have TA approved TA confirmation. Note—we have a few scenarios programmed for new SDP to be sent (after a new TC evaluation after a TCE update, program add, program change, readmission) also for requirements that have pooled course options (gen ed/gen electives). In other cases, where the course isn’t on the SDP, the student will have to work with Military Registration & Resources team to have an updated SDP processed so they can request their TA manually in IgnitED.


This guidance is subject to change once we learn more nuances about the system.

The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.