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MyCampus Email: Using Your University-Provided Email Address

As a university student, you will be issued a MyCampus email address that is accessible through the student ecampus or via any computer or device with Internet access.

Access Email Through Microsoft

Your MyCampus email is best managed online using Microsoft. Visit or and enter your MyCampus email address and password (which is the same as your ecampus log-in password).

The typical structure of your university email address is

Access Through the Ecampus

Log into the ecampus and you will see the MyCampus Email icon in the menu. An alert will appear if you have unread messages. Click the icon to launch Microsoft Online and sign into your email account.

Forward MyCampus Email to Another Address

Visit and follow the steps outlined in Microsoft’s Support Article on Forwarding to have your email forwarded to another email address. The picture below provides a visual guide for where to go to make this change.

email forwarding

Email on Mobile Devices

Any mobile device that can access email can receive the forwarded emails described in the above section.