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Registering for Your First Undergraduate Course at the University

New undergraduate students may register for courses upon acceptance to the university. This means you must submit your application for admission, acknowledge your student rights and responsibilities, and be notified of acceptance by your admissions coach.

Transfer Students

If you have a significant amount of credits to transfer from another university, we recommend that you wait until The Transfer Credit Evaluation Process is complete prior to registering for general education courses, as these are the ones most likely to have transfer credit equivalencies. You can search our Transfer Equivalency Database (TED) to get an idea of which of your previous courses will transfer here. Also, it would be wise to have a copy of your transcripts from other colleges on hand during registration.

Check your Admission Status

After you are accepted to the university, there are often documents that need to become part of your student record. Until all the documents are received, your admissions status will be marked as "Incomplete" and you may be prevented from registering for some courses. Please read Completing Your Student Record after Admission for details.