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Accessing the Course Syllabus

Each course has a syllabus that you must open, read, and save for future reference. The syllabus outlines instructor information, course description, scope, objectives, resources, evaluation procedures, grading scale, and relevant policies. To view the syllabus, click the Syllabus link in the left-hand navigation of the classroom.

Missing or Inaccurate Syllabus

It is the professor’s responsibility to upload a syllabus to your classroom site. If the syllabus is not present, please use the Messages tool to compose a message to your professor. You may also use the Help button in the classroom and chose the option: Syllabus and course materials have conflicting requirements.

Viewing a Syllabus for a Future Course

To find a syllabus for a course you are interested in taking, view our Schedule of Classes. Search for your course by date or subject. Once you find the course and open the course page, scroll down to the Course Materials section. You should see a link to an achieved syllabus there. These archives should be used only as an example. Do not use this syllabus to purchase materials or begin any course work.

You may also request a syllabus by emailing [email protected].