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How to Withdraw from the University

If you are an active student and you no longer want to pursue your education with the university, you must disenroll by submitting a Disenrollment Request Form. You will find this form in the student ecampus, under the Academic Plan & Forms/University Forms menu, under the All Forms link.

Your request will be processed within one business day, and your status will be officially changed to Disenrolled.

Also Withdraw from Courses

If you are actively enrolled in a course or courses when you disenroll from the university, you will also need to officially drop the course(s). Read our article on How to Drop or Withdraw from a Course for more details.

Not Certain You Want to Withdraw?

Before you take steps to withdraw, consider asking your academic advisor about requesting a course extension. Because we serve such a large number of students who are on active duty in the military or busy professionals on remote assignments, we understand that there may be times when computer access is limited or other circumstances make it challenging to complete coursework within the prescribed timeframe. If this happens to you, contact your academic advisor, your ESO (if a military student), the course instructor, or any other relevant parties to discuss your situation and whether a special circumstances extension is possible.

Change of Mind

If you withdraw from the university and then change your mind or decide you are ready to return at a later date, you will need to apply for readmission to the university by completing the Readmission Application located under the All Forms menu in the ecampus.