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Changing Your Academic Program

If you decide to change your major, you will need to log into the ecampus and submit the degree change form (located in the menu under Academic Plan & Forms/University Forms). You’ll use this same form to change your choice of concentration, declare a minor or certificate, or change from a comprehensive exam to a capstone end-of-program option (and vice versa).

After you submit the form, an academic advisor will contact you to discuss the impact of the change on your existing credit and to ask for your written confirmation, which you must provide within 10 days.

Your program cannot be changed without your response, except for these two instances:

  • You’re disenrolled from your program.
  • You’re an active degree-seeking student who has taken no courses, has not submitted a transfer credit application, or is not requesting a minor or certificate.

Transfer Credits

If a transfer credit evaluation (TCE) is in progress, you will be blocked from submitting a Change Academic Program form until your TCE is completed.

If your program is changed and you have had a transfer credit review, transfer credits will be re-evaluated after your program is officially changed in the system and reposted within 8 weeks.

Federal Student Aid Students

If you’re using Federal Student Aid (FSA) to pay for school, the dates of your FSA academic year dictate when you are permitted to change your program. For example, you are only able to change your program 48 days from the end of the current semester (or beginning of a new semester for students in their first FSA semester) up until 10 days before the start of your next semester. If you are not in the permitted change period, you will not have access to the Change Academic Program form.

Military Students

If you’re in the military and you wish to change your degree program, you should also notify your Education Services Officer (ESO) of the change.

When You Cannot Change Your Program

You may not be eligible to request an academic program change if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • You currently have a transfer credit evaluation in progress.
  • You are currently disenrolled and want to add a certificate or a minor.
  • You have selected a certificate and/or minor that is too closely related to your degree.
  • You are currently using FSA to fund your program and are not within the eligibility window.
  • You are on program hold.
  • You have a balance due.

Recalling the Change Request

If you change your mind, or the request was submitted in error, you can email [email protected] for help in canceling the request.