EDUC518 - Educational Psychology

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Course Code: EDUC518 Course ID: 2791 Credit Hours: 3 Level: Graduate

This course examines the theoretical and applied aspects of learning, motivation, human development, personality, assessment, and evaluation in the educational setting. Content includes the study of learning theories as well as cognitive, emotional, and social learning processes that underlie education and human development to include affective processes and socialization. Emphasis is placed on developing skills to better understand learners to foster improved learning, influence and manage classroom learning, and recognize and consider individual differences.

Course Schedule

Registration Dates Course Dates Start Month Session Weeks
07/31/2023 - 12/29/2023 01/01/2024 - 04/21/2024 January Winter 2024 Session A 16 Week session

Current Syllabi

Upon successful completion of this course, candidates will be able to:

  1. Define “educational psychology” and describe ways it can contribute to the education environment.
  2. Discuss the importance of the psychology to the development of a student’s self- esteem, motivation, and learning styles.
  3. Compare and contrast the various factors that cognitive, behavioral, and humanistic theorists believe influence the learning process.
  4. Apply learning theories and models to classroom situations.
  5. Describe how students construct knowledge, acquire skills, and develop habits.
  6. Identify and discuss the major components and techniques of classroom planning, management and instruction and how these components and techniques address individual differences.
  7. Apply objective knowledge of student development factors when making instructional decisions.
  8. Discuss the implications and impact of the myriad of individual differences on the learning of individual students in the classroom environment.
  9. Apply strategies that help diverse students work cooperatively and productively in groups.
  10. Describe how teachers, parents, and students all contribute to a productive learning environment.
NameGrade %
Assignments 35.00%
W2: Homework 1: Piaget and Vygotsky 4.38%
W4: Homework 2: Social Development in the Classroom 4.38%
W5: CLP Proposal 4.38%
W6: Homework 3: Motivating 4.38%
W8: Homework 4: Using Behavioral Learning Principles 4.38%
W10: Homework 5: Cognitive Versus Constructive 4.38%
W12: Homework 6: Poetry 4.38%
W14: Homework 7: Taxonomy 4.38%
Discussions 30.00%
Week 1: Reflective Teaching 1.88%
Week 2: Mr. Hartland 1.88%
Week 3: Student-Teacher Relationships 1.88%
Week 4: Social Development Outcomes 1.88%
Week 5: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivators 1.88%
Week 6: Self Efficacy 1.88%
Week 7: Structuring Instruction 1.88%
Week 8: Classroom Norms and Rules 1.88%
Week 9: Learning Attention 1.88%
Week 10: Grammar Script PowerPoint 1.88%
Week 11: Homework 1.88%
Week 12: Focused Versus Free Rein 1.88%
Week 13: Collaborative Cooperative Learning 1.88%
Week 14: Peer Learning 1.88%
Week 15: Assessments 1.88%
Week 16: NCLB ESSA 1.88%
Final Project 35.00%
W15-16: CLP PowerPoint 17.50%
W15: CLP Paper 17.50%

Previous Syllabi

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