EDUC502 - Foundations of Curriculum and Instruction

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Course Code: EDUC502 Course ID: 2785 Credit Hours: 3 Level: Graduate

The Foundations of Curriculum and Instruction course focuses on applying curricular theory to best practices to the 21st century classroom setting. Planning for instruction and evaluation of learning are the two focal points of this experience. This course is designed as an introduction to the systematic process of planning for effective classroom instruction and assessment, as these tasks relate to contemporary curricular concepts. The skills needed for writing learning objectives and instructional plans for various domains of learning will be taught by placing an emphasis on setting goals and objectives for instruction; planning activities and assessments based on cognitive, social, affective, and psychomotor factors; and designing appropriate means of assessing those learning objectives. Special attention will be given to the related use of technology in the development of effective and systematic learning environments in the 21st Century classroom. This will include a basic recognition of computer hardware and software, capabilities and limitations of technology, evaluating programs and technological resources, and the effective use of various technologies in the classroom.

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