DEFM305 - Acquisition Business Management

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Course Code: DEFM305 Course ID: 3456 Credit Hours: 3 Level: Undergraduate

Deals with common financial issues in acquisition that include cost estimating; earned value analysis; Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE); congressional enactment; and budget preparation and execution. In this course, the student will prepare, justify, and defend budget exhibits and obligation/expenditure plans; formulate impact/reclama statements and reports; and develop and defend business aspects of the acquisition and PPBE cycle.

Course Schedule

Registration Dates Course Dates Start Month Session Weeks
06/26/2023 - 12/01/2023 12/04/2023 - 01/28/2024 December Fall 2023 Session D 8 Week session
08/28/2023 - 02/02/2024 02/05/2024 - 03/31/2024 February Winter 2024 Session I 8 Week session

Current Syllabi

After successfully completing this course, students will fulfill the following Learning Objectives (LO):

LO-1 Describe the major legislation acts that affect contracting and acquisitions

LO-2 Describe several historical legislative acts that have institutionalized better business practices within the DoD acquisition community

LO-3 Describe the roles & responsibilities of the Executive Branch, Congress, and defense industry in Defense Acquisition and where defense acquisition authority is derived

LO-4 Define the role of the acquisition workforce in the military capability areas: DOTMLPF

LO-5 Define Acquisitions Management (within the DoD), and where management fits into the acquisition process

LO-6 Explain both the military and civilian Acquisition Authority Chain and why interoperability is important in the acquisition community

LO-7 Explain the concept of “Cost Estimating” within the acquisition community Explain the defense budget structure by appropriations title, force program, and component

LO-8 Explain important defense budget terms, such as Budget Authority, outlays, and obligations

LO-9 Define the concept of “Earned Value Analysis” within the acquisition community

LO-10 Describe both the 4 phases of the resource allocation process & the on/off-year cycle process

LO-11 Describe the overall PPBE process to include the DoD’s Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System (PPBS)

LO-12 Describe the Congressional defense budget process from the concurrent budget resolution through the defense authorizations and appropriations processes

LO-13 Describe the various types of procurement fraud and how to manage fraud

LO-14 Define the basic principles of ethics as it pertains to the acquisitions field

LO-15 Describe the major sources of procurement standards and garner an understanding of the Procurement Integrity Act

NameGrade %
Discussions 40.00%
Week 1: Acquisition Management 5.00%
Week 2: DOTMLPF 5.00%
Week 3: Defense Acquisition Board 5.00%
Week 4: National defense budget 5.00%
Week 5: Performance Parameters 5.00%
Week 6: Resource allocation process 5.00%
Week 7: Procurement Integrity Act 5.00%
Week 8: Your view of contract management 5.00%
First - Paper 15.00%
First - Paper 15.00%
Second - Paper 10.00%
Second - Paper 10.00%
Research Paper 35.00%
Research Paper 35.00%
Peregrine Assessment 5.00%
Peregrine Assessment 0.50%

Previous Syllabi

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