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Executive Coaching

Graduate Certificate

The interdisciplinary 18-credit Executive Coaching certificate by American Public University focuses on:

  • Developing effective communication skills
  • Building rapport
  • Facilitating change in the workplace
  • Using assessments
  • Developing cultural awareness
  • Applying coaching models and strategies
  • Exploring emotional intelligence

It culminates with an opportunity for you to create a plan to turn your coaching idea into a business.

The certificate is aligned to Board Certified Coach (BCC) and International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Professional Coach competencies.

Leaders and managers in various disciplines can apply the knowledge gained through this program. It equips them to collaborate with clients within an organization as well as external groups, teams, or individuals. 

This program has specific admission requirements.

Program Courses

 The curriculum for this program follows industry trends to help ensure relevancy to today's marketplace. View all courses.

Program Objectives

Upon successful completion of this certificate, the student will be able to:

  • Distinguish between coaching, counseling, mentoring, and supervising.
  • Explain the characteristics that encourage an effective coaching experience.
  • Demonstrate fundamental active listening and coaching skills.
  • Evaluate various models to determine most appropriate for specific coaching situations.
  • Evaluate assessments to determine applicability and effectiveness in various coaching situations.
  • Use assessments to promote an effective coaching experience.
  • Compare and contrast strategies and techniques associated with coaching individuals versus coaching in teams and groups.
  • Generate strategies for coaching teams and groups within an organizational structure.
  • Apply ethical guidelines and professional standards associated with individual, team, and group coaching.
  • Develop business leadership skills required to be an effective coach.

Degree at a Glance

Admission Requirements

This program requires applicants be concurrently enrolled in a master’s program or possess a master’s degree or higher from fields such as business, management, social work, marriage and family therapy, psychology, medicine, health and wellness, education, and law.

Master's Degree/Graduate Certificate Tuition 

Per credit hour: $370 | $250 with military grant*

View Tuition and Fees Details  

*To minimize out-of-pocket costs, active-duty servicemembers, their spouse/dependents, National Guard members, and Reservists receive a tuition grant that caps undergraduate, master's degree, and graduate certificate tuition at $250/credit hour. In addition, a master's-level book grant provides no-cost textbooks and ebooks for master's-level courses to active-duty servicemembers, their spouse/dependents, National Guard members, and Reservists.

Paying for School

Because our university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), (the same as the Ohio State University, Univ. of Chicago, and U.S. Air Force Academy, to name a few), we can accept the following forms of financial aid and payments:

Ways to Save

Transfer Credits 

Accelerate your degree completion by taking full advantage of our transfer credit options, including credit for your previous college courses, military service schools, American Council on Education (ACE) and College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests, and prior learning experiences.  

Employer Contributions

APU has educational partnerships with many employers and associations. Be sure to accurately enter your employer information when you complete our admissions application. Your employer might also offer a tuition reimbursement plan as one of your benefits.