Suzanne Agan

Full-Time Associate Professor, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
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Ph.D. in Environmental Studies
Antioch University
M.S. in Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies
Antioch University
M.S. in Wildlife Science
Texas A&M University

Positions Held

2021 - Present
University of Maryland Global Campus
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
2019 - Present
Kennesaw State University
Environmental Science Instructor

Intellectual Contributions

Evaluating how management policies affect red wolf mortality and disappearance

Suzanne Agan
May 26, 2022
Royal Society Open Science

Majority positive attitudes cannot protect red wolves (Canis rufus) from a minority willing to kill illegally

Suzanne Agan
October (4th Quarter/Autumn) 2021
Biological Conservation

Estimating poaching risk for the critically endangered wild red wolf (Canis rufus)

Suzanne Agan
May 5, 2021


Red Wolves and Coyotes

Artemis Wildlife Podcast
February 1, 2023

Next Level D2L: Personalization and Efficiency

Lunch & Learn Webinar Series
February 1, 2023

Invasive Species and Keystone Species in the Southeastern United States

Artemis Georgia Fireside Chat
January 11, 2023

The human dimensions of poaching in the wild red wolf population

UMGC Webinar Series
August 24, 2022

Scientific Research with red wolves as a case study

Science Seminar
February 1, 2022

Wild Red Wolf Poaching Risk

Monthly Conference
January 12, 2021

Media Contributions

Why Is the Red Wolf Endangered? (WIN)

January 11, 2024
Social Media - Blog

Little Red Wolf and the Big Bad Humans

The Nation Magazine
August 19, 2021