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Put your knowledge to work for you.

As an experienced working adult, your college education should be about more than the time you spend in class. Ideally, it builds on what you’ve learned in your career and lets you demonstrate how your knowledge and skills translate to academic achievement. This is known as competency-based education.

With APU’s Momentum™ option, instead of attending traditional classes, you’ll focus on learning new competencies at your pace. We’ll work with you to assess your current knowledge and develop your personalized learning plan and resources. You can master and move from one competency to the next without waiting for a new term to begin, all while being guided by a faculty mentor and subject matter experts.

The Ideal Momentum Student

Momentum programs are designed for adult students with significant experience in their field who are motivated to study independently.  This education option is ideal if you:

testAlready earned your associate degree (A.S. or A.A.).

testCan commit 16-20 hours per week to your studies.


testHave on-the-job experience in the subject area.

testAre looking for a personalized plan of study.

Accelerate Degree Completion and Save

Momentum programs are priced at a flat rate of $2,500 per 16-week term. This means the more competencies you complete each term, the more you can save on the total cost of your degree.  To maximize your investment, complete at least 15 to 17 competencies each term to earn your bachelor’s degree in 4 terms.

Note: Momentum programs are currently not eligible for Federal Student Aid, military tuition assistance, or veterans education benefits. You will be asked to pay the $2,500/term rate with a credit card or check when you register for each term.

You're Never Alone with Momentum

From your first conversation with an admissions representative, you’ll discover that everyone here wants to see you succeed. Think of your Momentum faculty mentor as your learning coach — they’ll help you discover your strengths and will guide you in crafting your competency plan. Your professors are the subject matter experts ready to share their knowledge in your field of study, to answer questions about competency topics, and to provide feedback on your work. All this while surrounded by the university’s entire support staff of academic advisors, career coaches, librarians, and more.


How it Works

How do you learn without attending class? With APU Momentum programs, we provide subject matter experts and a faculty mentor to guide you through completion of all the competencies required to complete the degree. As a Momentum student, your academic journey would look like this:

  1. Set your Personalized PlanStart on your personalized learning journey during your first meeting with your faculty mentor. Together you will create your competency plan based on your knowledge, interests, and the amount of time you have to commit to your studies.
  2. Assess Your KnowledgeTake a pre-assessment at the start of each competency.  Your subject matter expert will use this to develop your personalized study content to prepare you for the final competency assessment.
  3. Demonstrate MasteryYou’ll be asked to apply your knowledge, skills, and abilities to a real-world situation – this is called an authentic assessment. It may involve writing a paper about a scenario, crafting a presentation, or developing a technical document. It’s your opportunity to apply what you know in a professional manner.
  4. Continue Your JourneyContinue demonstrating mastery in one competency and moving to the next until you complete your degree. You can register for up to 12 competencies at a time and complete as many as you are able each term.  There’s no waiting for the next term to start – you may add new competencies up to week 14 of each term.

Programs with a Momentum Option

These competency-based bachelor programs offer the same quality, accredited curriculum as traditional degree programs. Your learning outcomes are the same – the difference is how you learn the material.

B.A. Criminal Justice (61 competencies)

Provides you with sound knowledge in the areas of U.S. law enforcement, criminology, investigations, law, and community relations. Courses offered in juvenile issues, causes of crime and criminal behavior, corrections and incarceration, investigative procedures and techniques, leadership, maritime law, or forensics.
View program page.

B.A. Emergency & Disaster Management (62 competencies)

Offers a practical education designed to prepare you for a full spectrum of careers in emergency management and public safety. It introduces the all-hazards approach and provides an in-depth understanding of risk assessment, hazard identification, prevention and management techniques, the multiple phases of emergency and disaster management, and counter terrorism.
View program page.

B.S. Fire Science Management (62 competencies)

Provides the principles, theory, and practices associated with leading-edge fire science and management issues associated with tactical fire operations, fire safety, firefighting leadership, and community fire issues.
View program page.

B.A. in Retail Management (61 competencies)

Emphasizes both theoretical knowledge and the practical skills needed to effectively manage a variety of retail operations. Focuses on interpersonal, managerial, human resource, leadership, communication, and the critical thinking skills necessary for success in the retail industry.
View program page.

Have Questions?

Katherine RiddleKatherine Riddle
Momentum Specialist


Contact one of our admissions representatives for answers to your individual questions about Momentum programs.

APU Alumni Students: For more information or to register for a Momentum program, please email or call 877-755-2787 ext. 8463 to speak to an alumni advisor. You'll get answers to your questions and help with enrolling in a new program. 


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