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Gainful Employment Disclosure

The Department of Education (ED) requires universities to disclose specific information on each academic program offer.  This information includes costs, median debt, graduation rates, career fields, and state licensure requirements. You will also find links to the U.S. Department of Labor's O*NET website a helpful resource that matches programs of study with information about the occupations most suited to that program.

When you view one of these pages, please keep in mind that completion data is calculated only for students receiving Title IV Federal Student Aid. The majority of our graduates do not utilize Title IV Federal Student Aid, so they are not represented in this population.

Completion rate data may be unavailable if the program has no graduates during the reporting period or if the program has not been in existence over the course of the normal time for completion. If 0%, then graduates in the reporting period took longer than the normal or average time to complete, usually because they were part-time students. Most of our students are working adults and do not take a full-time course load.