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Military Tuition Assistance


We have been educating those who serve™ since 1991, and are a top provider of education to the U.S. military today. We are as dedicated to helping you pay for school as we are to helping you start and finish it. Here are just a few ways we support our military students:

  • Low tuition rates to help limit your out-of-pocket costs beyond military tuition assistance (TA).
  • A tuition grant designed to cap our undergraduate tuition at $250/credit hour and graduate tuition at $325/credit hour for U.S. active-duty servicemembers, Guard, Reserve, military spouses and dependents, and veterans. (Effective July 1, 2015.)
  • Transfer credit evaluation and technology fees covered by grants for active-duty servicemembers and for Guard and Reserve personnel when using military TA.
  • Textbooks and/or e-books provided at no charge to students earning undergraduate academic credit, with no impact on military TA or other financial aid.
  • Possible transfer credits for your military courses including CCAF, JST, DANTES, METC, and ACE-evaluated training.
  • Inclusion in the DANTES Catalog of Nationally and Regionally Accredited Distance Learning Programs.
  • Online support teams and our military education coordinators located at base installations around the country.


Steps to Using Military TA

We recommend you start this process at least 4 weeks prior to your course start date.

  1. Apply for admission to our university and print your degree plan.
  2. Register for courses; all branches require registration prior to approval.
  3. Choose Military TA as your payment method.
  4. Meet with your Education Services Officer (ESO) for a briefing on TA.
  5. Log into your branch education portal and follow their process for enrolling and requesting TA. It may feel like you are registering for classes twice, but this digital record of your classes replaces the need for a hard copy form.
  6. Submit required TA forms through your ESO for each course with a unique start date (use TA school code 3389A).
  7. Send ESO-approved forms to us at least one week before course start date via fax 304-724-3781 or email

Branch TA Portals

Each branch of the service has a specific TA process. Please select your branch portal below for the most up-to-date information.

Beyond TA: Alternate Payment Options

The total balance not covered by TA, including fees, must be paid before you can start your course(s). Here are a few ways to pay the balance beyond your TA payments.

Out of Pocket (credit card, e-check): To make direct payments on your account, login to your student portal via the university's ecampus and set up your "payment profile" to pay using a credit card or e-check.

View our out-of-pocket page for more details or contact student accounts at 877-468-6268, ext. 3660 or if you need assistance.


Federal Student Aid (FSA):

View our FSA details page  for eligibility and application information, or contact our FSA department at 877-468-6268 or


Top-Up (Montgomery GI Bill Only): Top-Up is a program that allows GI Bill participants to use their benefits to supplement tuition and fees not covered by TA.

View our veterans benefits page for more details, or contact our veterans' benefits team at 877-468-6268, ext. 3620 or


Training Funds: Contact your ESO or civilian training representative to find out if you are eligible for training funds that apply directly to courses related to your job.


Military Spouses

The MyCAA scholarship program provides tuition assistance to eligible military spouses. Follow these steps to pay for your tuition here using MyCAA benefits:

  1. Visit the MyCAA portal to register for the program.
  2. Apply for admission and select MyCAA in the employer dropdown.
  3. Inform your admissions representative that you intend to use MyCAA.
  4. Register for the approved MyCAA courses.
  5. Select Employee Voucher as your method of payment.
  6. Enter the employer name and address: Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts | 2107 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 100 | Arlington, VA 22209
  7. Enter the EIN number: 11111111
  8. Request your Scholarship Education and Training Plan from
  9. Upload your approved plan into your MyCAA portal.
  10. Log into the MyCAA portal and print out a copy of your confirmed Financial Assistance (FA) award and send this to our TA office by faxing to 866-755-8763 or emailing

Important Notes

  • Submit required TA forms through your ESO for each course with a unique start date (note: use TA school code 3389A).
  • Please be sure you have signed your TA documents and included your student ID on the form for a timely response.
  • If your TA paperwork isn't received by the first week of classes, you'll need to pay for tuition via credit card or other means of out-of-pocket payment.
  • Send your paperwork to: (fax) 304-724-3781/toll-free 866-755-8763 or email:

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