Transfer Student Information


A student who has previously attended a college or university but has not yet earned a Bachelor's degree is considered an undergraduate transfer student and is eligible to apply to one of the following programs:

Associate Degrees

The General Studies degree is designed to provide a solid foundation for further academic achievement. Degree-specific associate programs provide students an opportunity to focus on courses that develop knowledge, skills, and abilities that are readily applicable to the student’s personal or professional interests. Students must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent to be admitted to these programs. All students who enroll in the associate degree program must enroll in COLL100 – Foundations of Online Learning as their first course.

Bachelor's Degree

The bachelor’s degree program is open to students who possess a high school diploma or its equivalent. This minimum 120- to 124-credit-hour program is the standard “four-year” undergraduate degree desired by most employers and prepares students for graduate study. All students who enroll in the bachelor's degree program must enroll in COLL100 – Foundations of Online Learning as their first course.

  • Students pursuing the Associate of Arts in General Studies or the Bachelors of Arts in General Studies may not use Federal Student Aid to finance their program.

Undergraduate Certificates

Undergraduate certificate programs allow students to focus on a particular topic of interest through a six- to nine-course program of study. Students choosing this option usually have either an Associate or Bachelor’s degree and seek specific knowledge in one subject area.  Students must have a high school diploma or its equivalent to pursue an undergraduate certificate.

Additional Transfer Credit

All students with American Council on Education (ACE)-evaluated military or professional experience and education that they need to have evaluated for credit should submit a Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) Application. We will consider military or civilian training evaluated by the ACE as well as approved examinations, such as the College Level Examination Program (CLEP).

Students requesting evaluation of the JST (Joint Services Transcript) document are not required to submit this documentation. We will request the JST on behalf of the student once the TCE application has been submitted.

Note: Undergraduate students who apply at the associate level may transfer up to a maximum of 46 credit hours; those applying at the bachelor's level may transfer up to 91 credit hours. Students with no prior college experience may have their ACE-evaluated military or professional experience considered for transfer credit.

Mail Transfer Credit Documents to the following:

American Public University System
Attn: Document Services
10110 Battleview Parkway, Suite 114
Manassas, VA 20109

Prior Learning Portfolios

Our university recognizes that all learning does not necessarily take place in a classroom. However, earning academic credit for this non-traditional learning can be challenging. We are pleased to offer a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) portfolio program designed to provide students the opportunity to seek credit for learning. Examples of prior learning include knowledge acquired on the job, in military or corporate training programs, running a business, working with a volunteer organization, travelling, or pursuing a hobby.

You may be eligible to accelerate degree completion and save money along the way with our Prior Learning Assessment.

Admission Requirements

If you are an undergraduate transfer student who has not yet earned an associate degree, please submit the following documentation as soon as possible:

  1. Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) Application and $50 fee*
  2. Official college transcripts or signed Transcript Release Authorization form
  3. ACE-approved Military and Civilian transcripts or documentation

*TCE fee waived for all United States Active Duty Military, Guard, and Reserve personnel.

We will request all official U.S. college transcripts for the evaluation with receipt of the Transcript Release Authorization (TRA) form, as long as that institution accepts third party transcript requests.. Once you submit your TCE Application, you will be provided with an option to print your TRA form. Students are required to complete, sign, and either fax or e-mail the TRA to 304-724-3811 or


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