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2017 Alumni Award Recipients

On behalf of our university’s faculty, staff, and alumni community of 70,000 strong, we’re pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 Alumni Awards. It’s with great pride that we honor each of them for their distinguished service, their merit, and their commitment to going the extra mile. 

The inspirational people highlighted below were honored at the Academic Awards Ceremony on May 12, 2017 at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland. Please join us in congratulating the recipients of the 2017 Alumni Awards. Their dedication to excellence and their remarkable accomplishments as leaders and members of our alumni community earned them this special recognition.

Travis CombestTravis Combest | Alumni Education Award

APU graduate Travis Combest wins the 2017 Education Award for his academic achievements. Focusing on public health and wellness, Combest aims to increase the health and wellness in active duty, retired, and dependents of service members. Combest excelled academically and in his civilian career, and he is a distinguished alumnus who is showcasing the importance of continued education and innovation in the public health field.  Read more about Travis.

The Alumni Education Award recognizes outstanding members who demonstrate excellence in the field of higher education, promote and encourage lifelong learning, and serve as an example to inspire future academicians.

Jason CvarcaraJason Cvarcara | Public Service Award

AMU graduate Jason Cvarcara wins the 2017 Public Service Award, making him a triple winner. He was the 2015 was the recipient of the University of Arizona’s Veterans Award for Distinguished Service and was the 2016 First Sergeant of the Year for the 944th Fighter Wing at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona.  Triple threat or triple winner – no matter how you spin it, Jason’s involvement in the community and his continued education bring light to his notable professions and dedications. Read more about Jason.

The Alumni Public Service Award recognizes exceptional members who exemplify the university’s spirit of commitment to service, and made significant contributions or rendered distinctive service to their community or to society as a whole.

Prasida KhanalPrasida Khanal | Distinguished Graduate Award

APU graduate Prasida Khanal wins the 2017 Distinguished Award for her involvement in the public health community. Her work is illustrious – she won the 2015 APU President’s Award, and her continued advancements in the public health field made her the 2017 Distinguished Award recipient.  She focused on children, teens, and ethnically diverse populations, and along with her health services’ team, she provided case management, free transportation, and interpretation services.  Learn more about Prasida.

The Distinguished Graduate Award recognizes graduates who’ve made extraordinary contributions to the nation and their community. It honors character, accomplishment, and service that represent the university’s mission of service and leadership in a diverse global society.