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Alumni University Service Award | 2018 Recipient

This award recognizes an alumnus who dedicates time and energy to the APUS community to advance university efforts, promotes student success, and builds the APUS culture in a positive way. It honors graduates whose selfless commitment and consistent involvement to the university as a whole have exemplified the university’s ideals.

Kimberly Trenner 

Kimberly is the recipient of the Alumni University Service Award for 2018. She comes from a military family and is a graduate of the University of Akron with a B.S. in Geography and received a certificate in Cartography. For 19 years, Kimberly worked as the manager of international sales for a direct mail publishing company. When the company moved in a different direction, she decided to return to school and earned her master's degree in history from AMU.

While a graduate student at AMU, Kimberly joined the Saber and Scroll organization, where she held the role of secretary for two years. She also joined a group of individuals who wanted to offer another organization that would be exclusive to history students who showed above average grades. With the school’s help, they formed the Historical Studies Honor Society (HSHS). Kimberly was instrumental in establishing the charter as well as fulfilling all of the school’s requirements for the formation of a new organization. Once the HSHS group began, Kimberly was instrumental in keeping the membership informed through a newsletter, welcoming members to the group, and creating the logo.

Kimberly currently works for as the compliance officer. She writes workflow manuals and training manuals, and also runs training sessions, refresher courses, and oversees the training of new employees.

Kimberly work has been published in Saber and Scroll and Needlework Magazine. In her spare time, she enjoys continuing her education through various online sites, designing needlework patterns which are sold in many countries, and teaching needlework. She volunteers in areas which aid veterans and animal rescue, both of which are close to her heart.