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Course Details

Course Details

Course Code: EDUC612 Course ID: 3949 Credit Hours: 3 Level: Graduate

This course is designed to assist educators in the teaching of reading and language arts. The focus will be on reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The emphasis will be on creating environments conducive to developing all students’ skills in the four language arts using research-based instructional strategies. The course also focuses on differentiating instruction for students of varying literacy levels.

Course Schedule

Registration Dates Course Dates Session Weeks
03/29/21 - 09/03/21 09/06/21 - 10/31/21 Summer 2021 Session D 8 Week session

Current Syllabi

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Analyze differences in literacy models of teaching and learning literacy. (NCATE/IRA Standards 1, 2)
  2. Define, classify, and demonstrate classroom implications of specific theories in literacy achievement and learning. (NCATE/IRA Standards 1, 2)
  3. Compare and Contrast emerging literacy practice with those of traditional reading readiness programs. (NCATE/IRA Standards 1, 2)
  4. Select appropriate learning experiences that enhance the development of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. (NCATE/IRA Standards 1, 3, 4)
  5. Explore the relationship between reading and writing and demonstrate the use of specific strategies to implement this interrelationship. (NCATE/IRA Standards 1, 2)
  6. Assess and develop the different stages of writing and reading. (NCATE/IRA Standard 1, 3, 4)
  7. Implement a variety of instructional strategies and methods of teaching language growth, reading, and writing through a broad use of a wide variety of children’s literature in a classroom setting. (NCATE/IRA Standard 1, 2, 4, 5)
  8. Provide instruction designed to develop independent, strategic, motivated readers and writers. (NCATE/IRA Standards 1, 3, 4)
  9. Design, plan, and implement reading and writing instruction that employs a combination of materials to meet the needs of students in whole groups, dynamic flexible small groups, and independently. (NCATE/IRA Standards 1, 4, 5)
  10. Use technology for the purpose of teaching reading and writing. (NCATE/IRA Standards 1, 4)
  11. Understand the range of reading, writing, and speaking difficulties. (NCATE/IRA Standards 1, 3)
  12. Administer formal and informal assessments of reading and writing literacy. (NCATE/IRA Standards 1, 3)
  13. Integrate classroom instruction with assessment. (NCATE/IRA Standards 1, 4)
  14. Support reading, writing, speaking, and listening within and beyond the classroom. (NCATE/IRA Standards 1, 4, 5)

Required Course Materials:

  1. Developing Early Literacy: Report of the NELP (pdf document)

  1. Family Literacy Interventions On Child Acquisition of Reading (pdf document)

  1. Lionni, L. (1974). Alexander and the wind-up mouse. New York, NY: Dragonfly Books. *NOTE – please obtain this book from your local library. If an alternate book is necessary, please contact the Instructor.

  1. Literacy Assessment information from the Southwest Educational Development Lab:


In addition to the required course texts the following public domain Websites are useful. Please abide by the university’s academic honesty policy when using Internet sources as well. Note Web site addresses are subject to change.

Site Name

Website URL/Address

The Savvy Teacher’s Guide: Reading Interventions That Work

Literature Learning Ladders

NCTE and IRA Standards

Teacher Resources and Lesson Plans

Teaching Methods

Issues in Literacy


Reading 101: What You Should Know About Reading Instruction

Reading 101: Podcasts from PBS’ Launching Young Readers

Good Resource for Forum Board Etiquette

Book Title:Language Arts : Integrating Skills for Classroom Teaching - e-book available in the APUS Online Library
Publication Info:Sage Lib
Author:Donoghue, Mildred R.
Unit Cost:$74.90
Book Title:Shaping Literacy Achievement : Research We Have, Research We Need (Ebook available through the APUS Online Library)
Publication Info:Guilford Press
Author:Pressley / Billman / Perry / Reffitt / Reynolds
Unit Cost:$34.40

Previous Syllabi

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