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Course Details

Course Details

Course Code: ISSC499 Course ID: 4672 Credit Hours: 3 Level: Undergraduate

This Capstone course is a senior level course designed to allow the student to review, analyze, and integrate the work the student has completed toward the Bachelors of Science in Cybersecurity degree. Students will examine a number of real-world scenario cases related to various aspects of Cybersecurity to complete various cybersecurity related plans and policies that demonstrate mastery of their program of study in a meaningful culmination of their learning and to assess their level of mastery of the stated outcomes of their degree requirements. (Prerequisite: Completion of a minimum of 105 hours towards your program including ENGL101 or ENGL110)

Course Schedule

Registration Dates Course Dates Session Weeks
11/30/20 - 04/30/21 05/03/21 - 06/27/21 Spring 2021 Session I 8 Week session
12/28/20 - 06/04/21 06/07/21 - 08/01/21 Spring 2021 Session D 8 Week session
01/25/21 - 07/02/21 07/05/21 - 08/29/21 Summer 2021 Session B 8 Week session
02/22/21 - 07/30/21 08/02/21 - 09/26/21 Summer 2021 Session I 8 Week session
03/29/21 - 09/03/21 09/06/21 - 10/31/21 Summer 2021 Session D 8 Week session
04/26/21 - 10/01/21 10/04/21 - 11/28/21 Fall 2021 Session B 8 Week session

Current Syllabi

The successful student will fulfill the following learning objectives:

CO-1: Examine the various aspects of cybersecurity including the relationship between cyber defense, cyber operations, cyber exploitations, cyber intelligence, cybercrime, Cyberlaw within Federal and State Laws

CO-2: Deconstruct the processes and goals of cyber forensics investigations including the importance of search warrants and chain of custody in a forensic investigation of computer related crimes

CO-3: Prepare a plan to manage functions that encompass overseeing a program or technical aspect of a security program at a high level ensuring currency with changing risk and threat environments.

CO-4: Prepare a plan to design functions that encompass scoping a program or developing procedures, processes, and architectures that guide work execution at the program and/or system level.

CO-5: Develop strategies and plans for security architecture consisting of tools, techniques, and technologies to detect and prevent network penetration, and to design effective cybersecurity countermeasures.

CO-6: Develop a policy to analyze network designs, topologies, architectures, protocols, communications, administration, operations, and resource management for wired, wireless, and satellite networks that affect the security of the cyberspace.

CO-7: Develop a policy to implement functions that encompass putting programs, processes, or policies into action within an organization.

CO-8: Prepare a plan to evaluate functions that encompass assessing the effectiveness of a program, policy, process, or security service in achieving its objectives.

Grading will be based on weekly assignments, forums and a Capstone project.

1. There will be weekly discussion forums (2% each) counting a total of 16% of the final grade. Answers should restate the question with supporting sentences using the terms, concepts, and theories from the required readings. The key requirement is to express your idea and then support your position to demonstrate that you understand the material. Your answer should be a minimum of 250 words.

In addition, you are to respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings by commenting on, supporting or supplementing the other students’ answers. Your responses should be at least 100 words long. All responses should be courteous with sound supporting sentences. You may respond multiple times within a continuous discussion with points and counter points. Duplicate responses will not receive credit.

2. There will be eight assignments (totaling 40% of the course grade), which break down the process for the final capstone project. Each week you will be working on a portion of the Capstone project. Assignments #1 – #8 each will cover the weekly course objective. These are 4-6 page papers using APA style formatting. In Week 8 you will be combining, summarizing, and culminating the final capstone project from the eight parts you have been working on through week 8. The Week 8 Capstone Project – (44%) will follow a conventional report format (introduction, body – comprising of the 8 parts discussed, conclusion, and references). The paper is to follow the APA style guide, Sixth Edition (available via bookstores). Also refer to APA’s online resources: and the APUS web site:

Note: Review Announcements and Lessons for additional instructions and course materials.

3. All assignments and forum responses are required by 11:55 PM Eastern Time of the Sunday of the week assigned.

NameGrade %
Assignments 40.00 %
Week # 1 Assignment 5.00 %
Week # 2 Assignment 5.00 %
Week # 3 Assignment 5.00 %
Week # 4 Assignment 5.00 %
Week # 5 Assignment 5.00 %
Week # 6 Assignment 5.00 %
Week # 7 Assignment 5.00 %
Week # 8 Assignment 5.00 %
Capstone Project 44.00 %
Capstone Project Topic Selection 7.33 %
Week # 8 - Final Capstone Project & Presentation 36.67 %
Forums 16.00 %
Week # 1 Forum 2.00 %
Week # 2 Forum 2.00 %
Week # 3 Forum 2.00 %
Week # 4 Forum 2.00 %
Week # 5 Forum 2.00 %
Week # 6 Forum 2.00 %
Week # 7 Forum 2.00 %
Week # 8 Forum 2.00 %

Required Text:

The basics of cyber warfare [electronic resource] : understanding the fundamentals of cyber warfare in theory and practice / Steve Winterfeld, Jason Andress ; Andrew Hay, technical editor. Winterfeld, Steve.; Waltham, Mass.; Syngress, ; c2013 ;

Cyber security, cyber crime and cyber forensics [electronic resource] : applications and perspectives / [edited by] Raghu Santanam, M. Sethumadhavan and Mohit Virendra.; Hershey, PA : ; Information Science Reference, ; c2011. ; "This book provides broad coverage of technical and socio-economic perspectives for utilizing information and communication technologies and developing practical solutions in cyber security, cyber crime and cyber forensics"--Provided by publisher. ;

From Faulkners Security Management Database that APUS subscribes. This includes a link to a search page within the database - type in Cybersecurity to get a list of reports available:

Cybersecurity resources: link to a video:

Cybersecurity: Cyber Crime Protection Security - link to the video for Cybersecurity: Assessing the Nation’s Ability to Address the Growing Cyber Threat:

Additional Supplemental Resources for Cybersecurity at the End of This Syllabus…

Software Requirements

  1. Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint)
  2. IE, Firefox, Google Chrome
Book Title:To find the library e-book(s) req'd for your course, please visit to locate the eReserve by course #.
Author: No Author Specified
Book Title:The Basics of Cyber Warfare: Understanding the Fundamentals of Cyber Warfare in Theory and Practice - e-book available in the APUS Online Library
Publication Info:Syngress
Author:Winterfeld, Steve
Unit Cost:$29.95
Book Title:Cyber Security, Cyber Crime and Cyber Forensics: Applications and Perspectives - e-book available in the APUS Online Library
Publication Info:IGI Global
Author:Raghu, Santanam
Unit Cost:$180.00

Previous Syllabi

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