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HRMT101 - Human Relations Communication

Course Details

Course Code: HRMT101 Course ID: 4113 Credit Hours: 3 Level: Undergraduate

This course provides students with communication strategies from the behavioral sciences designed to establish positive relationships with individuals and groups in the modern workplace. Through readings, critical thinking exercises, problem-solving scenarios, written assignments, and case studies, students develop the human relations skills required to interact effectively with people at work. Communication skills and practices pertinent to ethical relationships with members of line management, co-workers, direct reports, customers, and the public are examined. Also, interpersonal and organizational applications associated with group/team functions, multicultural and multigenerational relationships, leadership, mentoring, and customer satisfaction are presented to assist students with the timely identification and resolution of communication issues and challenges.

Course Schedule

Registration Dates Course Dates Session Weeks
12/30/19 - 05/29/20 06/01/20 - 07/26/20 Spring 2020 Session D 8 Week session
01/27/20 - 07/03/20 07/06/20 - 08/30/20 Summer 2020 Session B 8 Week session

Current Syllabi

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:
1. Define the nature, purpose, and importance of effective human relations communications in organizations.
2. Compare and contrast the role of intrapersonal and interpersonal messaging in the communication process.
3. Develop the effective use of critical thinking and analysis skills in written, verbal, and non- verbal communication to increase comprehension and reduce misunderstanding.
4. Explain the importance of fairness in creating an effective team environment.
5. Utilize positive multicultural, multigenerational, and gender communication, while reducing the potential for negative effects from ethnocentrism, age, and sex discrimination.
6. Differentiate between ethical and unethical behavior in a professional setting

NameGrade %
Introduction Forum 5.00 %
Introduction 5.00 %
Discussion Forums 40.00 %
Week 1 Forum 5.00 %
Week 2 Forum 5.00 %
Week 3 Forum 5.00 %
Week 4 Forum 5.00 %
Week 5 Forum 5.00 %
Week 6 Forum 5.00 %
Week 7 Forum 5.00 %
Week 8 Forum 5.00 %
Assignments 30.00 %
Week 3: Assignment #1 - Critical Thinking 15.00 %
Week 6: Assignment #2 - Critical Thinking 15.00 %
Assignment - Final Project 15.00 %
Week 8: Assignment: Final Project 15.00 %
Quizzes 10.00 %
Week 4 - Quiz 5.00 %
Week 8 - Quiz 5.00 %

Web Sites

In addition to the required course texts, the following public domain web sites are useful. Please abide by the university’s academic honesty policy when using Internet sources as well. Note web site addresses are subject to change.

Site Name

Website URL/Address

American Psychological Association’s APA Style

APUS Online Library

International Communication Association

National Communication Association

Society for Human Resource Management

Book Title:Various resources from the APUS Library & the Open Web are used. Please visit to locate the course eReserve.*

Previous Syllabi

Not current for future courses.