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Course Details

Course Details

Course Code: ELEN312 Course ID: 4601 Credit Hours: 3 Level: Undergraduate

This course presents concepts related to energy conversion and transport and provides the foundation for understanding power generation and distribution. Energy conversion in electrical,electromagnetic, electromechanical, and electrochemical systems will be discussed. Different forms of power generation, both AC and DC, will be covered along with single-phase and three-phase power, transmission lines, and transformers. The course will also cover AC and DC motors, motor control, power measurement, switches and rectifiers. An introduction to power electronics will be also be presented, demonstrating the circuits used to interface both traditional and emerging alternative energy sources to the existing distribution system and homes. The course will center on a practical understanding of individual components and applying this knowledge to discussions of large- and small-scale energy systems, Students will gain the fundamental skill set to understand our electrical grid and power generation. NOTE: This course requires the student to purchase additional materials that are not covered by the book grant. Please refer to the Course Materials section for additional details. (Prerequisites: ELEN305 and ELEN325)

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Current Syllabi

After completing the course, the student should be able to accomplish these Learning Objectives (LO):

  1. Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of various energy conversion systems.
  2. Evaluate and describe the operation of single and multiphase AC generators..
  3. Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of AC and DC motor systems.
  4. Demonstrate the various interfaces used to control energy conversion systems
  5. Describe the primary types of transmission lines and cables and explain their key properties and limitations.
  6. Differentiate between the various types of transformers and their operational characteristics.

Instructor announcements: Weekly announcements will appear on Monday of each week in the online classroom. The announcement will discuss the assignments for the week along with any other pertinent information for the week.

This is an upper level course; all students’ work is to be presented as such in terms of quality and content. The grading system will be based on your participation in the forums (150 points), fourteen weekly assignments (280 points), and two exams (300 points).

Reading Assignments: Please refer to the Course Outline section of this syllabus for the weekly reading assignments.

Week 1 Introductions: Within 10 days of course start, each student must log into the classroom and introduce yourself to the class. This is a required assignment and your introduction is due by Sunday of Week 1. Your response must be 250-300 words (a requirement) and include the following information.

  1. Your name
  2. Your university major or program
  3. Where you are in the program of study
  4. Your academic goals, to include why you are taking this class
  5. Information that you would like to share about yourself

Weekly Forums: The weekly discussion forum is for students to post their questions on course content for that week. This forum should not be used to discuss specific test questions prior to receiving feedback from the instructor (after the test is graded). If there is a question on a specific question, find a similar problem in the book and ask a question on that problem or concept. Asking specific questions on test questions creates an unfair advantage and defeats the purpose of the assessment tool. Specific topics will occur throughout the course and will require critical thought/research for your input – be sure to keep up with ongoing discussions! Discussion Board posting are graded at the end of the session and constitute a portion of your final grade,

Weekly Assignments: There will be ten assignments during the course worth 31% of the course grade. Each weekly assignment will cover one or more chapters in the book used in this course. For all problems requiring mathematical calculations, all work must be shown.

Exams: There will be two exams worth 25% of the grade and a Final Exam worth 25% for a total of 50%. Exams will be open book, open note tests. Students must complete the numbered exam by the end of the week indicated in the schedule.

NameGrade %
Exams 50.00 %
Exam 1 12.50 %
Exam 2 12.50 %
Final Exam 25.00 %
Forums 19.00 %
Introduction Forum 1.90 %
Week 1: Power 1.90 %
Week 3: The Electrical Grid 1.90 %
Week 5: Midterm Reflections 1.90 %
Week 6: Electric Cars 1.90 %
Week 8: Explaining Synchronous Machines 1.90 %
Week 10: Power Engineering 1.90 %
Week 11:AC vs DC 1.90 %
Week 13: Public Perceptions 1.90 %
Week 16:Final Course Reflections 1.90 %
Assignments 31.00 %
Week 1 Assignment 3.10 %
Week 2 Assignment 3.10 %
Week 4 Assignment 3.10 %
Week 6 Assignment 3.10 %
Week 8 Assignment 3.10 %
Week 9 Assignment 3.10 %
Week 12 Assignment 3.10 %
Week 13 Assignment 3.10 %
Week 14 Assignment 3.10 %
Week 15 Assignment 3.10 %
Unassigned 0.00 %
Week 02 Assessment 0.00 %


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