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Course Details

Course Details

Course Code: EDMG665 Course ID: 4698 Credit Hours: 3 Level: Graduate

Climate change and global warming are real, and science has coalesced around the fact that mankind’s activities are causing or contributing to the rapid global warming that is currently in progress. Mankind’s input into the equation is the burning of carbon fuels, which releases unprecedented levels of carbon dioxide, a highly potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. The field of emergency management typically divides activities into four components: planning, mitigation, response, and recovery. It is now time to add a fifth component: adaptation. Mankind’s activities have programmed into the future climate somewhere between one and six degrees Celsius of warming, and a significant but as yet incalculable amount of sea level rise. We do not have the option of stopping or reversing these events, so we must adapt if our civilization is to survive. The student will begin by examining the science itself, courtesy of the Climate Reality Project. The student will examine how the US government has evaluated the situation in the National Climate Assessment. The student will look at both the pessimistic and optimistic possibilities that our future could hold. Students will select a book from a supplemental reading list and report on their topic of choice in the forums. To conclude, students will create a personal Climate Change Adaptation Plan for themselves, their families, and/or their organizations.

Course Schedule

Registration Dates Course Dates Session Weeks
09/28/20 - 02/26/21 03/01/21 - 04/25/21 Winter 2021 Session D 8 Week session
12/28/20 - 06/04/21 06/07/21 - 08/01/21 Spring 2021 Session D 8 Week session

Current Syllabi

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  • LO-1: Assess the science and projected impacts behind climate change and global warming
  • LO-2: Analyze the pessimistic and optimistic possibilities for mankind’s future in a warming world
  • LO-3: Evaluate US government analysis of climate change impacts on the United States
  • LO-4: Synthesize the projected impacts of climate change into action plans for individual and organizational adaptation to climate change

Reading/Writing Assignments: Papers will be graded using the APUS graduate rubric, with attention paid to comprehension, depth of knowledge, and clear expression of ideas and arguments. Additionally, adherence to APA conventions will be required.

Forum Assignments: To achieve full credit for a forum, one must: create an original post; respond to a minimum of two classmates; and respond to everyone who responded to you. Posts must be thoughtful and responses helpful in a way that enhances understanding of the topics and issues.

Final Project: The personal climate adaptation plan will be graded by judging the level of integration of the class concepts, thoroughness, practicality, and potential use to the individual, family, and/or organization for which it was written.

One book of choice from the selected bibliography at the end of this document.

Note: All required and supplemental texts are available as ebooks from the Kindle store, if not from the publisher. It is not necessary to own a Kindle. A free Kindle app is available for both PCs and MACs. Ebooks in most cases are provided at reduced cost and ebook use is encouraged. In many cases, Kindle books may be rented from Amazon, further reducing cost.

Web Sites

In addition to the required course texts, the following public domain web sites are useful and sometimes are required reading. Please abide by the university’s academic honesty policy when using Internet sources as well. Note web site addresses are subject to change.

Site Name

Web Site URL/Address

The Climate Reality Project

The Draft National Climate Assessment

The IPCC 5th Assessment Report

Book Title:Climate Resilient Cities?: A Primer on Reducing Vulnerabilities to Disasters (Ebook available through the APUS Online Library)
Publication Info:World Bank
Author:Prasad, N., Ranghieri, F., Shah, F., Trohanis, Z., Kessler, E., & Sinha, R.
Unit Cost:$14.99
Book Title:Climate Change and Natural Disasters (Ebook available through the APUS Online Library)
Publication Info:Taylor & Francis
Author:Thomas, Vinod
Unit Cost:$22.38
Book Title:Various resources from the APUS Library & the Open Web are used. Please visit to locate the course eReserve.*

Previous Syllabi

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